View Full Version : Cool new forum

Raider X
29th Jun 2002, 05:11
Wow what a cool new forum we have now!!
Thanks EIDOS!

The Gamester
30th Jun 2002, 03:27
:( :o Yep.:p :o

30th Jun 2002, 13:25
The newest forum hmmmm......I'll put the couch here and dinette set there.....ahhhh no place like forum home.:o

1st Jul 2002, 01:26
This is too cool. I swear i'm gonna get addicted to this new forum. I can see it now...

Dear Eidos,
I lost my job today. It seems i can't get away from my computer since hanging out at the the new forum. Do you have any job openings? :D ...

LOL. I love this place.