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David 070
29th Jun 2002, 04:33
where can i get alot of cool vehicles?????

29th Jun 2002, 04:45
Center Of The World has an awsome vehicle.

The Sage Of Time
29th Jun 2002, 04:46
Hopefully soon from my site, until then I guess someone else will have to help you. :D

David 070
29th Jun 2002, 04:48
i really wish someone would make a submarine or boat!!

but i guess im dreaming again............

5th Jul 2002, 13:31
When the animation editor comes out, we can make a helicopter if we want! ;)

5th Jul 2002, 14:39
I wouldn't go that far! Maybe ask TRWad. I have 3 quadbikes, a jeep, and a snowmobile if you are interested in those, but I'm not sure if boats are available, I've made one and tried, but it blew up when it hit the water. Good luck! If you want one of my vehicles, PM me ;)

David 070
6th Jul 2002, 00:26
what is a quadbike????

screenshot, please.

David 070
6th Jul 2002, 00:27
wait, i remember,

its a four wheeled bike right???

Vivi Ornitier
6th Jul 2002, 01:35
LOL, yeah :)


David 070
6th Jul 2002, 04:05
hey chronicles, can you send me one of your quadbikes????

i dont have one of those...


i appreciate it!!!

Level Planet
6th Jul 2002, 10:43
you can use the boats and stuff, but you cant exit it... plus you dont make water, you stake 2 rooms onto of each other and put toggle opsticle on, so you cant pass through the hole like water then you place the boat onto the block you want it to be and make a small bridge to it... I will send a screenshot ok?

6th Jul 2002, 19:06
Originally posted by disco-fever
When the animation editor comes out, we can make a helicopter if we want! ;)
Can be possible maybe. You can use the animcommand 'move object' to raise the object into the sky after lara entered it, but then you need to use the height correcting every animation of it will fall down. But maybe it's possible. I hope so. But she won't be able to go over walls then, so you can only fly in a level without walls and high slopes.