View Full Version : BTW...whose the bartender?

29th Jun 2002, 02:56
Everyone izz drinkin' an havin' fffun in R new home, some ovum are chandelEEr jumpin (you think I know you who are BA and littlek):p, and others sitting back and relaxin.

But who is serving us? The drinks just are there. Everytime I go for a drunk, I mean drink there it iz.

Darkh2o seems to be slurring his speech a little as he is explaining this to a hunk of crunchy cheese...

Darkh2o picks up the cheese and puts it to his ear and nods as if to actually hear the cheese talking...

See, he knows whose getting us the drinks pointing at the cheese.

Darkh2o yells out, "nother round on meee! My good friend here is servin!"


29th Jun 2002, 02:57
Lloyd is, if you have ever read The Shining.

Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 11:51
I think it's theBlackman:D

Whatz His Name
29th Jun 2002, 12:02

29th Jun 2002, 12:03
Well I just brought in a fresh keg. I'd drink some but BA's up the rafters and won't come down to find any gl*****.:p Actually Rameriez's nephew and Bafford are serving us:eek: I went and got 'em yesterday 'cause I knew the Burrick would be extra crowded today. They didn't like the idea until I told them there would be life in it for them come the morrow. Since I took Ramirez's organs as a souvenir the first time I visited they took me pretty seriously. :D

Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 12:05
What's wrong with the word gl*****? ***** isn't rude is it? They're like mules :D

Whatz His Name
29th Jun 2002, 12:12
I guess they (the higher powers) (other than Microsoft) wanted the forum "curse word" free. Nothing is wrong with the word, its just that young people come in here and they don't want that kind of language.

Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 12:31
What about Bus Pass , Mow the Grass ?

Wierd we can have the singular *** but NOT the Plural ***** :D

29th Jun 2002, 16:30
I'll be bartender... I can pour beer and make whiskey sour. And if you don't like that, you get water! :p