View Full Version : Tech: "Subscribe" and "Marked as read" links dump you to the forum index page

29th Jun 2002, 02:46
Anyone notice that if you click on the "Subscribe to this forum" or "Mark this forum read" links that instead of just adding the forum to your subscription list or marking all threads as fully read AND staying in the forum that instead you get bounced out to the forum index page? I should be able to subscribe to a forum or mark all messages as read without having to leave the forum. If there is indeed a requirement that you leave the forum for these actions to complete, I'd rather get dumped back to my User Control Page (http://forums.eidosgames.com/usercp.php?s=) where the subscribed forum will show up and I can quickly get back (rather than scroll through all the game forums on the index page). But I have to wonder if it really is necessary to dump users out of a forum to mark it as subscribed or to mark it as read.


I also just found out that if you subscribe to the thread you are reading (there's a link at the bottom when reading the thread), you also get dumped back out to the forum index page.

This reset back to the forum index page is an extreme nuisance and is simply a stupid behavior. However, I doubt the moderators can change this. It's probably shortsightedness in whomever developed this forum software.

29th Jun 2002, 15:52
What does "subscribe to a thread" do?

29th Jun 2002, 19:50
If you look at the top of the page, there is a box titled "User CP" (User Control Page) which collates all your private messages and subscribed forums and/or threads. If you have private messages, they'll show up here. If you have subscribed to a forum, it'll show up here. If you have subscribed to a thread (i.e., equivalent to "watching" a thread), that'll show up in your User CP page, too.

However, whenever you subscribe to a forum or to a thread, you get yanked away from the forum or thread and dumped back to the Eidos forum index page; i.e. you get dumped out about as far out as you could possibly get dumped without closing your browser window. Not only is this highly inconvenient but it is rude.