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29th Jun 2002, 02:20
I've noticed that some of us seem to have an urgent need to increase their post count today. Why is this? What do you think? Is post pumping cool or not?:)

29th Jun 2002, 02:46
I'm amazed at how quickly some people have bumped up their post count!! Hmmm! Now I can add 1 more. Lets see, how many does that make? :D

Hey! We're tied, Peter! :)

29th Jun 2002, 03:08
All I know is that I've now got more posts than Clayman--at least for a day. Pump...pump...pump...

29th Jun 2002, 03:38
Alright! What wicked slug voted in the top category? :mad:

<small>[edit: and how did Peter Smith get to have five options in his poll?]</small>

29th Jun 2002, 03:42
Because I want my *3785* back!!!! WHAAAA! I'll get over it.:rolleyes:
Because I wanna be ahead of Clayman and Rick for ONCE.....:D

29th Jun 2002, 03:59
If we could sort users by post count and look at the quality their posts, we might know who posted in the top category. One person comes to mind...:)

When I created the poll, the number of categories was a variable in a text box, set at 4 by default. The maximum is listed as 10. It can be changed and the list updated. Doesn't everybody have this capability? (I have no way of knowing.)

29th Jun 2002, 10:59
Well with a new forum I guess it was a good excuse for a party, I got kinda swamped by all the threads last night and went to bed.

Things will return to normal shortly...won't they? :eek:

Whatz His Name
29th Jun 2002, 11:31
I agree with Gumdrop. Everything is new and improved. We have to play around with it so we will know how to use it. <small>Not to mention getting that Junior Member out from under our names.</small> :D

Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 11:41
And why not?:D

29th Jun 2002, 14:04
I say it's OK until we all get that noob thingy gone. I think Thorin's had too much coffies today:p


29th Jun 2002, 15:32
OK, now that I have heard from several of you, I will voice my opinion.

I disagree that pump posting is OK until we are all "members". Let's say there are 100 members. If all of them did this, we would have 3000 garbage posts. Hardly an attractive environment for a real newbie, or even a regular forum member, to enter. And, for what purpose is this being done? Is it insulting to you personally to have less than 30 posts? It shouldn't be. We are mostly all adults here. We all know that it is a new forum. It seems to me more like a food fight than a productive activity.

Apart from my personal opinion, I should note that this practice is against the terms of use of the forum, which are posted in plain sight. To repeat,

No spamming. Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: empty bodies, bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are Spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

Thorin is definitely over the top on this one. 75 posts in less then two days, mostly junk. The fun is wearing thin.

29th Jun 2002, 17:15
Very bad. It is amazing how many people base their forum worth on many posts they have.

Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 18:00
There's always one isn't there:rolleyes:

The fun's over now Peter;) Honest:D No really.

29th Jun 2002, 18:46
I’m personally not a big forum user! But the Thief forums are one of the few I visit regularly to see what’s happening in the world of Thief, and of course I like the people who hang out there. People’s post counts mean nothing to me, its quality over quantity after all, which really matters. I’m trying desperately to catch up on current events, and this place has come as abit of a shock? But a welcome one :) Anyway I think that’s enough post bumping for one day……or should I become a member in one day? :D

29th Jun 2002, 19:09
Hang in there, RiCh. You'll make it, and when you do you will have something to be proud of (I hope).:)

30th Jun 2002, 03:55
Well I am personally Pumping my own Post count up to 2! Wahaha! :D Junior Member Sneak Strikes again!

This topic in places has given me a big smile and a chuckle. So don't go to wild with the Post Pumping cause if you get to much air in those posts they might burst. ;)

Post Pumping can be Hazardous to your Health!

Actually I don't care how many posts I have, just having fun on the new board! Who knows, I might even Pump that count up to three tonight! Hahaha! :D

It will all settle down eventually! :)

30th Jun 2002, 05:42
I know i'm a member. You all know I am a member so being dis-membered doesn't bruise my ego. :p

30th Jun 2002, 16:23
I'm going for an alternative approach - call it 'post unpumping' or something. I'm gonna try to keep my post count lowish for as long possible, by editing older posts rather than making new ones, by thinking hard about what and whether I post... I just don't have the heart to start trying for a high count again after losing my just under 900 (and can't imagine how it is for the near-6000 people), so maybe I can help start a minimalist trend!


30th Jun 2002, 17:09
Aaaah Bravus has an idea. But, Bravus, you won't contribute as much, even though you will edit your posts. They shall be lost! Counting as not new. And the folders therefore do not change colors when you edit. ;) And I don't continually read old posts, when now the folders do not change color. Oh well. Good luck!
Though that is a novel idea. :D Maybe I should try that approach, Aahhh damn, too late now. Let us know how it goes. :p

30th Jun 2002, 17:24
Ahhh bravus...
I too thought of that in the old board. I knew I would get to 6000 before the Claymeister.....but felt strongly that Clayman should posts the first "6000 post". I planned on spending the last couple weeks stuck at 5999 and just editing posts to make my voice heard but....

BA has a point. The topic won't "bump" when you edit a post, and more than likely, your "edits" will not be seen by the m*****.

So I say.....

Screw the post count. Not important.
Post what you want, when you want...and let your voice be heard! :D

<small>but I still retain the right to post my previous history in my sig for aestetic(sp?) reasons. I originally made the pic, more to show people that I was indeed rick, not so much for the post count. I plan on re-doing the image to show more of the "old forum" look so it is not forgotten</small>

Edit...I guess the censor doesn't like the word "m***es". Oh well.

1st Jul 2002, 18:50
Yeah, I'm definitely guilty of post pumping! :rolleyes:


6 posts in 3 days! I'm on a roll! :D

Whatz His Name
2nd Jul 2002, 12:18
Well, I think the post pumping is over for most of the taffers here. There may be a few still trying to pump up their post number, but I don't think its that many. I think the forum is going to claim back down to the level that the old forum was at.

2nd Jul 2002, 17:38
I really love my low postcount. It's such a nice fresh feeling - just like when I made a new identity in other forums. ;)

So... *stares at the DromEd icon*

3rd Jul 2002, 06:20
I agree, Whatz His Name. The novelty has worn off, and the quality of posts has risen considerably. It's almost like home, but with better toys.:)

3rd Jul 2002, 10:54
I voted that it's okay only if what they say is worthwhile. I don't see the harm in that.
So then you ask what's worthwhile. I think we all know it when we see it. :)

3rd Jul 2002, 13:43
Hehe - my strategy clearly isn't catching on, as the Burrick alone is rapidly closing in on a thousand posts after what, 4 days? ;) Ah well, restraint is over-rated!


Whatz His Name
3rd Jul 2002, 13:44
Originally posted by bravus
Ah well, restraint is over-rated!

I knew you would come around to our way of thinking. :D

Tin Star
3rd Jul 2002, 13:45
I think its ok as long as it is something worth reading and not something foolish.

Tin star


13th Jul 2002, 19:21
Well now... if it's worth reading, then it really isn't post pumping is it? ;)

13th Jul 2002, 20:25
That is exactly the point. Keen observation, Rommel. :)

Tin Star
14th Jul 2002, 06:50
Thats true Rommel except for one thing.Each person has his or her owen idea of what is worth reading.I know there is no way for a person to tell if a post is something worth reading until you have looked at it but once you have you can tell if its bunch of bunk or not and something that you would take time to answer or not.I for one would answer a post that makes sense and not answer one that I felt didn,t make sense in hopes of seeing it fade away.:)

Tin Star

14th Jul 2002, 14:25
Well Tin Star... My response is this... in the world of the iron claw, if the claw says it's worth reading, it is! :p :D ;)

Tin Star
14th Jul 2002, 23:58
Well Rommel the iron claw has no rule about what is foolish and what is not.That is left up to the person that see's the post to decide for them selves if it is worth reading or not.:)

Tin Star

15th Jul 2002, 02:01
Bah! Free will! I'll tell the taffers what to think and like!!! Gwa ha ha ha ha!

oh taff... did I say that outloud?

Uh-oh, I better say something clever...

wait, did I think that or say it??? Think of something quick...

Oh crap!.... uh.... The Man did it! There he is, over there! Get him!

...Rommel hurridly slips away as everyone is turned about searching for THe Man...


Tin Star
15th Jul 2002, 03:48
Nice escape but I think I would have taken the chance and picked a few pockets as I slipped into the shadows like a ghost in the night.:)

Tin Star

15th Jul 2002, 04:41
You didn't notice already? See... I was so fast, I managed to not only pick all the pockets, but replace the loot with chocolate coins! :p

Tin Star
15th Jul 2002, 08:08
Oh Great now were going to have a bunch of people running around town with a sweet tooth.:)

Tin Star

9th Jan 2004, 03:17
I'm gunning to become a Senior Member soon, but I wont post garbage. (Or spam, which is the term I'm used to) If you have nothing to contribute to the topic, then why post?:confused:

9th Jan 2004, 20:24
If you have nothing to contribute, why did you bump this *very old* thread then........hhhmmm?

10th Jan 2004, 04:51
Gee, where are they dredging this stuff up from?! Oldies but goodies, I guess.

For those not paying attention, this thread is over 1.5 years old.

Hi BA, how are you doing? Haven't seen you around for a while. :)

10th Jan 2004, 16:55
Hi Peter, thanks for asking, I am doing ok. :)

10th Jan 2004, 17:41
BA is A-OK? Yay! :p :D

How's that for useless prattle?

10th Jan 2004, 23:59
Originally posted by BrokenArts
If you have nothing to contribute, why did you bump this *very old* thread then........hhhmmm?

Oops! Didn't notice the actual date of the last post. It was at the top of the list:confused: I guess someone must have just voted in the poll and not typed a reply, which would explain why it was at the front. Sorry:D

10th Jan 2004, 23:59
Someone said quality over quantity....if so, then I win hands down. Nothing I've said in 4000+ posts here and there (the old forum, rest in peace) has been nothing less than booty-licious, exemplary, controversial, insightful, wrongheaded, instigatory, spiteful, curmudgeonly, and godblessedly verbose, the last of which counts for 2.793 posts per post. :p

So the rest of you can cease with the furtive masterbatory illicit puny post pumping and just quit. It's not worth the effort; you lost, I win. Anyone who disagrees is invited to a blackjack fight, in the Trickster's lair, with the lights off. :D

11th Jan 2004, 00:07
littlek brushes the dust of her blackjack..... "Oh the lights are off? Count me out....." pockets her bj and scurries off....

11th Jan 2004, 04:17
Well I guess I need to bring you folks up to the modern era of BJ melees...since JC's Bro has been evolved into having the latest bionano tech with all his implants...and we know Garrett has his implanted special eye already...I'm sure in this next version he'll undoubtedly have night vision!!! LOL Therefore, I ain't scarred of no nighttime tag play....


Ta and Good Hunting too!

12th Jan 2004, 19:34
Closed. This thread is old and needs to retire. :)