View Full Version : My First Official Post at the Burrick Inn :)

29th Jun 2002, 01:10
hic...war's my drinkie poo? Seems as though it's a bit dry around here...? :rolleyes: Do you know how tough it is to get registered and trying to dl the new "Thievery Mod" at the same time on a 56K that barely pushes 28.8K???Huh do ya do ya? :D Well I'm here and there...still have some posts regurgitating on the old forum ;) I guess this new home will feel better afterwhile...for now it's like putting on a new pair of shoes...needs to get a bit worn in before they feel good... :) Guess we're getting ready for all the new kiddies that'll be dropping in when T3 is finally released...tighter "rules" appeared on the horizen...oh well, guess it's all for the best. Personally, I liked the simplicity of the old forum...don't need all the extra clutter...IMHO :) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jun 2002, 01:28
Hi Huntress!! I'm piggybacking on your post because this is my own first post on this site as well. I kinda like it but only time will tell. Having the single forum split up into several is good in that you can go right to the discussions you want to read, but bad in that it makes it harder to follow what everyone is talking about.

Oh no! I'm a junior member again!! :eek:

29th Jun 2002, 01:32
AAaah a newbie thread.....Welcome you two! ;) :D

29th Jun 2002, 01:38
Are there any cheats for Thief? Where's the Keystone tree? Why do I keep losing the Courier mission? What's a burrick? I'm just a newbie & need all the help I can get! ;) Oh, & what are those noisemaker arrows good for?

29th Jun 2002, 01:45
Noisemaker arrows are good for nothing. The rest.... Well, it's a long story.:)

29th Jun 2002, 01:47
Originally posted by Peter Smith
Noisemaker arrows are good for nothing. The rest.... Well, it's a long story.:)

rubs chin in a manner suitable for ricknmel's stand-in: "True, true..."

29th Jun 2002, 02:36
Welcome Huntress! I knew that you'd find your way over here.;)

Now, whose going to go out and bring in the others...

29th Jun 2002, 02:37
Nice to see you too BA :) and all our regulars dropping in for a taste :D Think I need to give up posting for awhile as it's so slooowww while trying to dl "Thievery" at the same time :( So I'll catch ya all a little later. Take care and Good Hunting!

29th Jun 2002, 02:49
I'll go, if I get bonus posts for it! :)

29th Jun 2002, 03:06
Hi Huntress--incidentally, it's nice to see you back with your "real" name! :)

29th Jun 2002, 03:10
Good eye CYF! I just noticed it too! Huntress has her real name back! Oh joy!:)

29th Jun 2002, 07:06
Hey Ya Huntress !

Nice ol' sneaksie way to get your old name back again. ;)
Good to see ya here.

Good Luck on the DL'ing of Thievery......methinks I'm too scared to try it myself yet on the ol' Dial-Up. I'll have to figure out sometime to do it when everyone won't mind if I tie up the phone line for a few days. :p


29th Jun 2002, 11:04
Haha...I almost registered as Gumdrop is XP...Almost! :)

29th Jun 2002, 18:57
Hi there Huntress, nice to see you :) You may like the simplicity of the old forum, but I’m sure you’re pleased to get your old name back? From where, and how big is that Thievery mod you’re downloading? Sounds interesting! That’s the multiplayer mod for Unreal tourney isn’t it? Can you play with bots, or is it multiplayer only?



29th Jun 2002, 19:00
...you can also play with boths in singleplayer modus...:)

30th Jun 2002, 00:00
brought it up to play a little, experimental, just trying to get a feel for it some. I sure wish I had some instructions on how to do certain things and how they work? As an example...the buy windows...which I kinda don't like the way it's setup to use. You have to (at least me) hold the window open with your buy key you had bound for it while using your mouse cursor to select which items you want...then there are four slots...Thief 1, 2, 3 and 4 to save your selections. Then you right click for the set of goods you actually want to buy? Confusing to me...why?

Then I tried a practice game and even though I saw my list of objectives etc...and cued in 3 more Thieves against 4 guards (this is the smallest of the games offered...player wise) where and how do the other Thieves come in? I understand the guard element...but am I competing against the other Thieves somewhere to get the loot first? I realize this is not exactly the topic for this forum but in a way it is, I hope? :( Darn new rules... It is general Thief discussion seems to me?

Anyway...I'm really fumbling around with this to try and understand it...and I did spectate as a "rat" LOL but be careful of falling down through into the sewers...you can't get out and have to start over/open the game again...:rolleyes: Eyaahhhh!

I thought there was supposed to be a difficulty mode? Only the level of difficulty you set your bots in to play with determines the overall difficulty of the gameplay? Ahhhh...time/practice I guess mostly? Ta and Good Hunting!

30th Jun 2002, 05:01
Hi taffers and tafferettes! I was going to register as &, the "member formerly known as One Taffer", but I thought better of it and will be known forevermore as LeatherMan. See you on the ThieveryUT servers!

Thorin Oakenshield
30th Jun 2002, 10:33
Hi Leatherman:)

30th Jun 2002, 18:25
101 posts already! Great Gotham Thorin! :eek:

30th Jun 2002, 18:33
Only trouble is I see a femskin in the files I think but don't seem to be able to access it? When I bring up the configs to be female player, it ain't there as far as I can see? I'll probably get on-line with it today just to test out a bit but don't know if I'll actually play till I get better acquainted with it??? Ta and Good Hunting!