View Full Version : A thread for those who have picked the lock...

29th Jun 2002, 00:55
If you are on your twenty-ninth post, put your thirtieth in here! This thread is for those who had just gobs of posts in the other, dying, always-remembered-when-nursing-a-pint-in-the-corner forum, and who have or will now attain the coveted status of Member (outclassed only by RicknMel's title: Patron Saint of the Forum). Have you made it? Are you making it? Post here, and make the leap from footpad to taffer...pick the lock on the door at the back of the mansion...get the gold coin that gives you your thirty loot.

Come join us.




29th Jun 2002, 01:29
Well.......can I post even if I am a higher number......don't ban me.:(

29th Jun 2002, 01:45
C'mon, Thorin, we need you yet!

Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 11:55
Thorin strolls in... Eh, Someone call my name :D

Whatz His Name
29th Jun 2002, 12:27
Here is my 30th post. Junior no more. :D