View Full Version : Oh oh, we lost the quick links

29th Jun 2002, 00:46
I can see in the new format of the forum that we're likely to lose those handy dropdown listboxes that provided quick access to related links (to archived articles or to other web sites). In the old forum, we has a forum-definable area where we could put in our own HTML code. I don't see anwhere at the top where we would have room to insert our quicklinks.

Darn. I used them a lot, especially to quickly and easily get to the download sites for FMs.

Grey Mouser
29th Jun 2002, 00:58
I will be re-creating them, along with most all the archived topics. I'll probably need your assistance...but I'll be doing it next week.

29th Jun 2002, 01:41
It will be nice to get them back.:)

Sticky threads do not work well for this type of thing or for Thief archives. How about a separate non-forum web page for reference topics, links, and old archives?

Grey Mouser,

This thread brings up an interesting point. Modertors need to make sure threads are in the right forum and move them if they are not. But what forum category does this belong in? Certainly not Thief Legacy. Certainly not Chat - Crippled Burrick. It seems like we need one more category, Techical / Computer. This would fall logically into that.

FYI, the edit window is too narrow. Can you expand it to fill the "rest of the page" (that's standard HTML)?