View Full Version : Episode 5 - Selfie Awareness fail to unlock on Xbox One

22nd Oct 2015, 05:39
I've collected all of the photos in Episode 5 but Selfie Awareness did not unlock. It shows a status of "Locked," NOT "Done! Unlocking..."

I collected photos 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10 during my playthrough in story mode, then went back through in collectible mode to get the ones I missed. The last one I took was #9.

The Xbox One was online the whole time. I have all other achievements in the game and played all episodes in order.

Please fix this!

22nd Oct 2015, 08:48
Hi Ryuukishi,

Thank you for providing detailed info. We are currently investigating achievement bugs on the Xbox One (shutterbug for example).

I will use this info to try and replicate the issue.

As soon as I have more news I will reply