View Full Version : Can we change how we archive "permanent" threads?

29th Jun 2002, 00:43
I don't see any forums yet defined to contain the archived threads. Are we going to have a separate archive forum (for Thief)? Or will the threads be left in this forum, marked closed, and specifically excluded from any purges so they remain here indefinitely?

In the old setup, once a thread got archived (and became read-only), no one could edit the thread thereafter, not even the moderators. Rather than create an archive forum that makes everything read-only and subsequently makes it impossible to edit, update, or append to those messages, could we instead create another forum where:

(1) All messages are marked as closed. Then they are likely not to get changed accidentally but they could still be reopened (I'm assuming a thread once marked "Closed" could be marked "Open").

(2) The only persons that could post to the archive forum would the moderators.

The moderators could then edit any "archived" posts. They might even be able to move the thread from the archive forum to the normal forum and change it from closed to open to allow further editing, updates, or appending by other users, then mark it closed and move it back to the archive. This would give us the ability to retain permanent message but which do not stagnate and become obsolete or inaccurate.

It's nice to have reference materials but even physics books and dictionaries need revising over time.

Grey Mouser
29th Jun 2002, 00:59
We will be making an archive...See response in old forum.