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28th Jun 2002, 23:43
I find this forum design cluttered and inefficient. I am also annoyed by the separation of the startopia forum. The new options are the only thing that redeems this flawed system.

28th Jun 2002, 23:44
I am annoyed that I do not start with my previous post count and that I cannot edit my posts.

28th Jun 2002, 23:46
Request also to start with old Registered date.

29th Jun 2002, 00:53
1)Somewhat agree there, but hey whatcha gonna do (and dont destroy eidos HQ!)
3)No *Tough luck

29th Jun 2002, 16:01
We have at least some right to complain, look at your own post count, not fair :(

29th Jun 2002, 17:21
Yeah. If you keep it, why cant us lower peeps? We've worked long and hard to immediately be reckognized as someone who has participated for a long time, and newbies who didn't know us from the other forum will be confused and think therte is no one here who can help, because were all newbs.

29th Jun 2002, 18:09
Why not instead give the Elders as they are called special titles. This type of forum design allows that I beleive.

29th Jun 2002, 19:17
Why not just transfer all the profiles across? I realise it won't be that easy to do, but that is not the point - The mods get it (no offense guys) and ppl are obviously not too happy w/ this, I'd I would agree - even with my small count I will be quickly overrun by new members in the post count since I do not post that frequently.

My main disagreement the seperating of the forum into sub-parts. Althought it might be good in someways, makes finding stuff harder . . .

EDIT - And the stupid "mark as read" button ignore my own post, which is apparently new even thou I made it, which is very annoying....or maybe I just need more posts added to test....

29th Jun 2002, 19:31
It wasnt us it was the Admins! Attack them not us!

29th Jun 2002, 19:40
I would, but that would require leaving the safety of the Startopia forum . . .

. . . and it's too scary out there . . :rolleyes:

EDIT - Didn't those smileys used to be animated?! Am I imagining it? or did "The Admin" remove my main source of humor from the forums? ;)

29th Jun 2002, 20:47
Fine then, you go Creamy, you transverse the forum wasteland to reach Admin HQ and Zarquon have mercy on your soul

30th Jun 2002, 03:50
Sorry fellas, transfering profiles across would take weeks! The software isn't compatible.

And we can't let "just one" person get changed, or we would have to do -everyone-. Just hang in there, stay mature, and keep posting. You will rise to the thousands in no time!

(And us mods only have big counts because we had to test the forum like crazy before you came in)

30th Jun 2002, 05:58
Sorry fellas, transfering profiles across would take weeks! The software isn't compatible.

Can't you find it in your hearts to do this. We don't need it right away. Just as soon as possible. With all the Moderators around here I'm sure you guys could get it done pretty quick.

30th Jun 2002, 06:24
Let me make this clear on behalf of me and Creamy...


Pinky the Cow
30th Jun 2002, 07:57
Originally posted by AlphaOmega
(And us mods only have big counts because we had to test the forum like crazy before you came in)

Yeah, right...

30th Jun 2002, 13:57
Mods have always been conspiring against us simple folks.

30th Jun 2002, 21:39
Us mods have no power, some of us didnt even want the new stats but they were thrust upon us by the evil TR forum! I say we Attack!!

30th Jun 2002, 23:54
Yea! Our lasers and high tech weapons are no match for their dual pistols, big guns... big... luscious... voluptious... *drools*:o

Pinky the Cow
1st Jul 2002, 08:21
Originally posted by AlphaOmega
Sorry fellas, transfering profiles across would take weeks! The software isn't compatible.



1st Jul 2002, 10:10
The loss of our post counts is definatly keeping people away from the new boards. I propose a new RPG to boost our postcounts :)

1st Jul 2002, 14:52
Peruse the thread linked to by Pinky. It shows how to do such a thing.

1st Jul 2002, 18:37
Most interesting Pinky, I shall take this to the men upstairs and see what they think. Good hunting!

Also, I don't believe post counts are keeping people off the forum. Once the old one closes, theres not really a choice in the matter. No sympathy for weenies! :)

2nd Jul 2002, 18:40
They stripped us of out post counts so be quiet... *grumble*

2nd Jul 2002, 20:42
There, all is well in the forum.

3rd Jul 2002, 01:40
Well maybe for you, but I liked my post count..... :mad: In compromise can I ban Dago now?

Death Busters
3rd Jul 2002, 21:40
Originally posted by Ghyron
I am annoyed... ...that I cannot edit my posts.

I know, really!!!:rolleyes:

Edit: I mean, why can't we change what we say? Why is there not a button that says edit in the lower right of our post box?!

Pinky the Cow
4th Jul 2002, 05:09
Originally posted by Creamy_Goodness
They stripped us of out post counts so be quiet... *grumble* ah, that's much better!:rolleyes:

4th Jul 2002, 06:18
I heard there would be cake :(

Death Busters
4th Jul 2002, 14:40
Guys, I believe they are lying, because acceber, *M, and all the other people @ TR joined first.:eek:

5th Jul 2002, 00:27
Originally posted by Creamy_Goodness
In compromise can I ban Dago now?


tell you what:

you guys give me my old insane postcount, and i won`t tell Dago (whom i am good friends with) that you are plotting against him



5th Jul 2002, 13:43
This is me posting.

EDIT: This is me editing my post using the little edit button on the bottom right.

EDIT: This now the third time I have succesfully edited my post. Why do I get the impression I am about to prove a point here?

EDIT: This is me re-reading the posts on this thread and realising that this point has already been made. This is also me crawling under rock and hiding in embarrasment as I slowing suck my thumb...

Oh and please stop whinging about losing your post counts, they'll come back. Just stop resting your laurels and get back to work posting away!

5th Jul 2002, 22:00
HEY...now why would u want to do that???
what did i do?????
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!:p ;) :eek:

7th Jul 2002, 21:16
Dear sweet mother!
*Hides at the sheer density of post counts in comparison to his.*
I see higher post counts, all the time!!

Yeah and really, stop whining and get your post count up in the RPG that seems to have taken quite a following (including myself).
Edit: Yes, I can get on the haha editing bandwagon too!

8th Jul 2002, 01:18
Eh...? You got the highest non-moderater post count in the startopia forums (besides me and Dracoraptor).

8th Jul 2002, 01:49
*Pops out of hiding spot*

What 'chu talkin' 'bout Ghyron?

*Takes one look at dago and pops back into bush, err, I didn't say that. Hiding space*

8th Jul 2002, 03:42
Originally posted by Ghyron
in the startopia forums

Tahts what I be talkin 'bout.

The Paranoid Android
29th Aug 2002, 23:12
Good for all of you. At least you got to keep your old names back. very well. I shall reveal that I am actually the old Baron harkonnen. I have returned from the evil clutches of Heroes of Might and Magic Four (Good Gods the game was addictive) but now I have bought myself a real version of StarTopia, beat it and I am ready to return. Hwever it wouldnt let me sign up by my old account name, and since I have been reading waaay to much of the Hitchhikers books, I have decied to name myself, the Paranoid Android. Greetings again. Adn where is Dracoraptor. i have looked around the forums and haven't found alot of his works. Where are they?

Pinky the Cow
30th Aug 2002, 08:48
Originally posted by The Paranoid Android
I shall reveal that I am actually the old Baron harkonnen.
I guess there's no need to welcome you to Jiggy Voxel Camp again then.

30th Aug 2002, 13:51
His sad depature was a sad combination of some sad people who couldn't play along with the RPGs sadly... It was quite sad really...

EDIT: Wow, this is probably my first post here in about 2 weeks!