View Full Version : Episode 5 - Unable to Move

21st Oct 2015, 23:37
I'm near the end of Episode 5, in the nightmare scene.

After punching in the digicode for the bathroom, we move through to the diner and Max talks to herself. Then there's a tiny scene showing her and Chloe frozen in her car. Then, Max is standing outside in the darkness.

Once I get to this bit where I'm standing, I can't move, change the direction of the camera, or anything. I went back to the beginning of the save point but the same thing happened, and happened again even after restarting the game. Fix please?

22nd Oct 2015, 08:49

-What system are you playing on?
- if PC, please try running in 'Safe Mode'

25th Oct 2015, 18:50
I am having this same problem and I am playing in Safe Mode and the issue is still happening. Any solutions?

31st Oct 2015, 13:22
I'm playin on the PS3 and I have an similar problem, but on some earlier Scenes. After the Dark Room Confrontation, when I want to use Jeffersons car, to get to the Two Whales Dinner and to Warren. I have to restart my whole PS3. I already tryed to re-download the Episode, but it still doesn't work. Please help I really want to play the Finale.

8th Dec 2015, 22:35
I'm having the same problem after the diner. I'm playing on PC in safe mode and nothing happen. I can't move Max! I tried to re-download the game but it doesn't work. What can i do? Nobody help on steam and dontnod didn't answer me!