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21st Oct 2015, 21:53
Hi guys,
I found two annoying bugs.

1. I make pending transfer, but when I close the game and open it later, pending transfer just disappear and player stay in my club.
2. Sometimes my team have about 70 % ball control and about 18 shots on goal, but they cannot score any goal. Opponent has only 2 SOG, but they score and win the match. I think this isn't possible in real.

Although this bugs, CM 16 is best football manager ever ;). Thanks for any replies.

22nd Oct 2015, 06:48
I will try to answer this two question if I may
1. You need to press continue button after made pending transfer or it will be gone if you close it right after you made the pending transfer...all transfer (put on transfer list, loan list, transfer request, loan request, release player, contract renewal) need you to press continue button so it will be saved
2. It happen allright...if you remember glasgow celtic vs barcelona on champions league 2012/2013 season, you will understand there's a possibility in it...here the statistic of the match if you want to look at it Click Here (http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2013/matches/round=2000347/match=2009541/postmatch/statistics/)...This is football dude where impossible is nothing :D...or maybe you might need to check your striker's (or maybe midfielder too) finishing...if there's nothing wrong with your striker's or other players finishing then it's your luck...luck could be cruel sometimes...I have a match with 84% ball control and 32 shots on goal but only could score 1 goal...hehe

22nd Oct 2015, 11:41
Thank you for reply, it helps me a bit. I forgot to press Continue button and you were right, game always "jumps" one Continue pressing back. And the second thing, I know this happens sometimes, but in game it happens three times per season. I think this should happen just once per two seasons. And my strikers don't have problems with finishing, they can score around 120 goals per season :D. But thank you very much, it helps me, at least with the first bug ;).

22nd Oct 2015, 11:57
Well my team could make 15-25 shots on goal per game and only two or three will be a goal...sometimes it will be only one goals or maybe no goal at all...that's not a bug...that's a football...remember in football nothing is impossible...it just happen without any logical reason...and anyway if only around 120 goals then I could said it will be more sad for me right??in one season my team could score around 150-160 goals but still I will have one or two or three or more match where I could find it hard to score even though my team made 20+ shots on goal...usually I have one player that score more than 45 goal in one season but he would still have one or two or maybe more match where he couldn't score any goal even though he made 5+ shots on goal...it's the beauty of football dude...nothing is perfect nothing is fix...I'm sure your opponent's goal keeper must have a high rating play when it happen to you...have you ever played againts some keeper that got 10 rating??I hope you won't...it's hell...35 shots on goal 0 goal

22nd Oct 2015, 12:20
Here's some proof when I manage celta vigo...I got barcelona as an opponent and they are attacking my team like crazy...
you could see the rating of their player but I won 2-0...how could you explain it??there's no way someone with rating 9 like in my case messi didn't do a lot of shots on goal...he got 9 with no goal that's only mean he did a lot of shot on goal

22nd Oct 2015, 16:18
Hey folks, looks like Kuranamasa has already explained it perfectly well so I'll just add - Do bear in mind that not all shots on goal are actually good chances. The game doesn't treat every shot exactly the same, similar to how every shot in a football is slightly different.

When you have a large number of chances but very few goals comparatively, it's most likely that the chances you're creating are not good quality chances. On the other hand, when a team scores a goal after a small number of chances, its most likely because they've created good quality chances.

This is mostly related to tactics. For example, perhaps your players are taking shots from far away? They aren't great chances but are still counted as shots on target. They might be doing so because of the way your tactics and formation are set up or because the opposing team is playing in a manner that forces them away (playing a high line for example).

22nd Oct 2015, 18:02
Hey guys, thank you for replies. I absolutely changed my mind about shots and goals, I see I were very unexperienced :D. And in addition, this matches are not three times per season (how I wrote). CM 16 is just amazing game and I want to thank whole team ;).

22nd Oct 2015, 22:39
you could actually create that situation where you force your opponent to shot from fay away in this game...usually game like this could get a happy result if you play a medium tempo and long pass...it will create a lot of offside though...

I'm glad If I could help David003