View Full Version : Forge needs changes ASAP

21st Oct 2015, 16:36
I just used 16k gold just to get more hp/more dmg when below 33% hp on my Shockwave,this is just pathetic.
Changes i suggest:give us the option to chose the stats we want AND make the items rechargeable ONLY by gold,i can't afford to enchant all my items on all my chars AND keep materials for recharging the ones i already have,it's just absurd and this comes from a player with 1900+ hours,imagine how fun it is for the lower ones.
I know there is the option to reroll stats or recharge items by runes but that kinda makes the game pay to win and that goes against what u guys said a while ago,or has something change?

21st Oct 2015, 17:36
I would like to add my voice to Kain's voice. I also think the forge needs a change. Being honest, I rarely use it, seeing as it is either useless or a waste of gold, and only really good for recharging items.

Like, is it not possible to make it that the forging is more expensive, but that we get to pick whatever stat we want? That way it would be what its supposed to be: A way to make you optimize the classes the way you want, instead of a lucky gamble/material waster.

So pretty pretty please, change the forge ;-;

21st Oct 2015, 21:49
"Pay to win" has a particular meaning and this is not it. None of the forge effects gives some special winning edge. The gold cost could be reduced though. It's not exactly quick to accumulate and the random nature of forging drains it away fast.

I'd say either reduce the cost for forging and keep it random or increase the cost and make it specific.

22nd Oct 2015, 07:55
Oh yeah i frogot to mention that after i spend all that gold i still didn't get the stat i wanted.

22nd Oct 2015, 08:41
as you know you can get two different stats but it could be that the stat that you wanted is simply not available for the slot, which you reforged. My experience: if you never saw the stat after 5 or 6 times you will never see it.
I suggest that we can see which stats are possible and which are not. People will be frustrated if they spend 10k gold on an alchimist weapon to get the +ammo stat and then they learn that this stat is not available for Alchimists. In general, the game should become more transparant.

22nd Oct 2015, 10:09
I did that as well,i spend about 15k gold on my Scout Knives to get + ammo and then i figured there's no such thing for the Knives...yeah things should be more clear but the thing is i know for a fact that +health or +dmg increase when ur under 33% hp on shockwave is possible,i just didn't get it and it's not normal to spend 16k gold for nothing...i get about 100 gold per win (notice that i said win,that's not counting losses) so simple math shows us that 16k gold is equal to 160 wins...that's alot of games guys and to spend the gold from all thoese games and STILL not to get what u want...that's why i said this is pathetic atm.

23rd Oct 2015, 00:11
Yes, the forge needs tweaks. Transparency for available bonuses on class abilities/weapons, a gold and blood price for the first exact bonus we want, and a lesser price for a gamble reroll. These are easy fixes.

23rd Oct 2015, 15:21
800 hrs
Forge fine for one-line items for starting levels. Enouch resources for reroll and recharge. But if you add second line, you have no resources for reroll it and need to salvage weapons just for keep it charged.
There should be way to increase loot for higher levels.