View Full Version : Awesome Ending

21st Oct 2015, 14:21
Hey there,

I am not really the only one who find this episode amazing, am I? At first I was afraid that I'd get bored for the first 30 minutes but the nightmare scared me so much I couldn't continue playing and had to stop it. Jefferson scared the sht out of me. I love this path you go along before the end, it was designed so lovely. I also loved the scene where you had to rescue people from the storm and where you could kiss Warren. Thanks so much for this option!
And finally the decision. I chose to save Chloe because I love this character so much but it was the wrong choice (for me).
The other ending impressed me and I like it more, too. It made me feel so sad about Chloe and Joyce and David and Max and Frank, even Pompidou. I mean I love Chloe but it was the right thing to do.
In my opinion the last episode was and awesome final and I want to thank the developers for such an amazing game. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I think it is my favourite game of all time.

(And I'm really sorry I'm a non-native english speaker, so there will be probably some mistakes :/)