View Full Version : Is it just me? Or Ep5 was simply Confusing? *Spoilers*

21st Oct 2015, 13:17
I'll say the positives first, I don't know how many times the episode broken any thoughts I had, because once i had an idea on what will probably happen next, Max will have a nosebleed and then go to another point in time, It added more twists and turns, the dorm and Jefferson puzzle made me creeped out though. The brief SF trip was also a touching moment. But the moment I realized that this episode was getting out of control is when max is on the diner talking to max, then a few moments later we were made a choice on what we will do. Sacrifice or Save Chloe(Sacrifice Arcadia), The choice didn't make much sense to me. But I guess Dontnod want to break our hearts for the last time, which it happened in the funeral. But still, Dontnod should have come up with better ways to end the game. But nevertheless it's been an amazing journey and amazing game still. And It will still be the most memorable game to me ever.

21st Oct 2015, 20:57
I felt genuinely happy to see Max in the art gallery living her dream. It was very nice to see that....and to learn the principal really was just a good guy who also got caught in a bad situation. The feeling there felt appropriate or "apropos" as Max would say. It does feel like they wanted to smash us though....because then everything went to crap....and they just made thinks so complicated and confusing.

Why would Max have even believed she stopped the storm and go to San Fran anyways? Wasn't the storm supposed to happen on a specific day? Did they actually announce the winner of the contest and leave on a plane like what...2 days later? That seems unlikely....and if they didnt....why would the storm intentionally delay until Max is out of town? Or if it was really just a few days later.....why wouldn't Max do everything in her power to make Chloe and her family leave town or something. Or everybody for that matter.

22nd Oct 2015, 15:58
Yes. Episode 5 felt a bit confusing at times. So many "time jumps". The strange "nightmare" and so on. What somehow confused me the most: So, we "jumped back" to the beginning of Episode 1 and informed David about Jefferson and Nathan. Seems Max still had to save Chloe from Nathan in the bathroom. Then Nathan and Jefferson got arrested. So from here on everthing else should go into a different dircetion than in the "prime timeline". But somehow it felt that most events occured nevertheless (except for the end of episode 4).

The only solution would be, if Jefferson and Nathan were arrested after the events of episodes 1 - 4, but before Max and Chloe discovered Rachel's dead body.

The "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending also confused me a bit. From watching the final scene you get the vibe that everyone in town is dead. But IMO there should be at least some survivors. It felt the storm was moving pretty slowly towards Arcadia Bay, so some people should have made it out before the storm actually hit the town.