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21st Oct 2015, 12:22
I don't usually do that, but once in my life, I bought the game back in January, feeling that it might, it just might be good and on par or better than Telltale games.

Now after the finale, I can safely say, it's levels above. The attention to detail, easter eggs everywhere, very good even top notch voice acting, superb soundtrack, and them feels.

I did in the end go with "bad" ending and saving Chloe. You made me love her too much, and I'm terrible at scenarios where you sacriface one in order to save many.
But it's a decision I actually could live with. I couldn't without Chloe. I know how selfish it is, that's why I hope I won't face such decision in real life.

But in the end, Devs, I've never heard about you before this game, and then here I am, here we are. You've delivered best gaming experience for me. In 20 years of gaming, I haven't feel this way ...

You changed my life, you made it... strange.

Thank you. You're awsome.

22nd Oct 2015, 08:16

Thanks so much for the kind words. It's really humbling to hear that you enjoyed the series so much. It's definitely been a pleasure working with the LIS community from the start.. I get to read nice things just like this!

I'd like to say, thank you for exploring Arcadia Bay with us and don't be a stranger! I imagine we will see a few new players picking up the game now that all episodes are out.