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21st Oct 2015, 10:21
I've finished the last episode of Life is Strange yesterday night and I just felt I had to write something like this. In this letter I'm gonna mention the plot of Life is Strange and Remember Me, so don't read if you've still got to finish one or both of these two games.

Dear Dontnod Entertaiment and Square Enix

I remember that one year ago, walking back home from university, I stopped at a videogame shop which I'm not sure I can mention by name. Looking at the games on the shelfs, I've noticed one that I'd never heard anything about, its name was Remember Me (and yes, I know it was published by Capcom), developed by Dontnod Entertainment, which I'd never heard anything about either. I felt something, about that game, maybe it was the fact that it was the first title of a software house, which, in a world that has seen the 11th Call of Duty is pretty big deal, or maybe it was the title, that felt original and intuitive in some way. The game costed 30€, so I didn't buy it in that occasion and decided to check it out on internet, obviously forgetting about it by the time I got home. Months later, I found it on sale on Steam, and again, looking at the screenshots and at the trailer, I felt the same way as that time at the shop, and I bought it immediatly. The title was an action game, and it was fresh, had some good ideas and elegant design choices, like the music during combat growing more and more with your combos and stopping abruptly when you messed up or got hit by the enemies, or the memory-remix sections (which heavily inspired the rewind mechanic in Life is Strange). I felt relieved in some way that somebody had managed to develop a good, fun to play and fascinating action game which wasn't a copy/paste of Batman: Arkham.
I arrived at the end completely satisfied by the experience, the flaws of the game didn't stop me from enjoying it, and the good ideas it showed made me hope for a sequel, or another game from the same software house.

Then, at the beginning of this year, in January, I found this trailer on Steam:


which I believe is pretty much the reason why we all fell in love with this game in the first place. Again, I felt the same as an year before, with Remember Me, maybe because of the perfect match of the music with the action of the screen, maybe because of the colorful, autumnal world shown in the trailer, or maybe because of the humanity expressed by the characters in this one-minute-and-a-half-music-only trailer. When I realized that this game was developed by Dontnod, I thought: "What the hell man? From a first-break-their-face-then-ask-questions game to a Telltales-like adventure?" but then I remembered about Remember Me (pun intended) and decided to trust my instinct again. And yesterday night, the journey has finished with the perfect ending, with Max realizing that nothing, her gift included, could come for free, and forced to face the hardest choice of the game, the only one you can't rewind. I sacrificed Chloe, then immediatly checked the other final on YouTube (or at least immediatly after gaining again control of my thoughts). I found both of the finals equally balanced and well written, even if I still prefer the one I've picked.
As a physicist (almost, only a few exams to my degree), I've been struck by the philosphical implications of the plot, which, as I read it, says "Chaos Theory and Second Law of Thermodynamics are here to kick the **** out of you".
As a man, I was struck by the maturity of the final. I find it peaceful. Sad, grave, but peaceful and conclusive, like the death of someone close, which leaves the grief of the loss and togheter the knowledge that life goes on and happiness will be within reach again, one day. This is what I thought during Chloe's funeral: she gave her life, reached her pinnacle in the end, and now Max, Warren, Joyce, David and all the others have to live in a world without her, but which is her legacy.

This long soliloquy, which probably nobody has read to this point, was to give you an idea of how grateful I am to Dontnod and Square Enix for this experience. The love for your work, the affection you've shown in painting these humans, the intelligence and intuition you've put in your story and in your world (even despite the creaking, old bones of Unreal Engine 3) are something that were long, long missed in the videogame industry, which is, nowadays, prey of software houses with more money than talent. Looking forward for you next work guys, I trust you blindly at this point.

Sincerely, Mattia aka "Boldro"

21st Oct 2015, 12:09
Under this letter I would be signed. I only want to add my own THANK YOU guys from Dontnod. Life is strange is my favourite game in 2015 (ok, maybe second best game ever after Mass Effect). And thanks for one week with Chloe! It was great story, great final chapter and great finale. Yeah, after finale I hate you so much :lmao: but also love you so much...thank you for this game! And most important, please, do games! And do them with love and passion like this one. :)

21st Oct 2015, 12:12
I salute you, sir.

22nd Oct 2015, 12:50
I can only line in behind you. Totaly with you