View Full Version : I was wondering...

Master Garett
28th Jun 2002, 21:33
if the 2 boxes that were on top in the old forum can be also here... it was easy to go through such a link for FM downloads or the taffer picture album...

28th Jun 2002, 21:56
Good question, I am sure, given time for everything to get going, that will happen.

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 22:04
Yes I think Grey Mouser is a little busy at the minute emailing people who are finding it hard to register:rolleyes:
Keep up the good work GM


Grey Mouser
28th Jun 2002, 23:02
Indeed, I plan on recreating our "Reference Topics" in toto including the very handy list boxes. I may need assitance from some of the HTML gurus who are gracious enough to lend their expertise, and it may take me a bit of time...I am typing this with one paw on one computer and testingtestingtesting a soon-to-be-released game on another, so patience taffers, but it will be done in the next week or so.

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 23:04
GM If you like I can test the game for you:D

Master Garett
29th Jun 2002, 09:08
excellent great to hear that...