View Full Version : Episode 5 - Downloaded and I stalled, but claims I have not downloaded PS4

21st Oct 2015, 08:12
I bought the season pass at launch on ps4 and have had no issues until now. Upon full release of episode 5 I downloaded and installed Episode 5. However within the game it claims "the episode selected has not been downloaded" I press x on the download logo for episode 5, once it opens the Psn store to Episode 5's entry it lists it as being installed. I have since deleted,Re-downloaded, and re-installed Life is Strange as well as episode 5 at least twice with the same result.

21st Oct 2015, 19:20
Is this something I should call PlayStation tech support about? Just seems weird to me that it lets me download and install the game on my system yet in game it's not recognizing that I did so.

22nd Oct 2015, 08:52
Hi Snaketheory,

Did you install an update file prior to downloading the episode? You should have seen a 1.6 update file to prep the game for Episode 5.