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21st Oct 2015, 04:28
Can you think of an alternate better ending to Life Is Strange?
It's harder than you might think. What can you come up with?

Remember these key points:
The tornado exists and is going to destroy Arcardia Bay.
The cause of the tornado can be anything plausible but unless you can find an equally plausible way to reverse it, it's still going to happen and Arcadia will still be destroyed.

Without finding a cause and way to stop the tornado, I personally see no other possible outcome for the ending of Episode 5.
With that said, try it.

Here's my best effort:
This is how I would have ended the game and tied up some of the many loose ends:

Its not feasible that Sean Prescott was unaware of what was going on in the Dark Room. Its not sensible to suggest that Nathan had access to that much of his fathers money nor that his father just gave it to him given how disinterested and uncaring he was towards him throughout the entirety of the game.

It's logical therefore that Sean Prescott would have needed to have known about the dark room, and to have known about it would require him to have an interest or something to gain from its existence.

Sean Prescotts interest is in money and his desire to rebuild Arcadia Bay how he thinks it should be. He is about as uncaring and as much a psychopath as Mark Jefferson is.

Therein lies his interest and gain: destroying Arcadia Bay to pave the way for Prescott Bay.

How is this achievable with the dark room? drugging and killing students from Arcadia Bay college in a ritualistic fashion (maybe Sean Prescott was the one to put the tobanga at the school?) to create a karmic imbalance to cause the tornado to occur.

This would explain how Nathan knew about the towns impending doom "The storm is coming. Y'all gonna die." though he may have had second thoughts later. He is after all just looking for validation and acceptance from whomever he can get it.

Rachels was the final death to cause the tornado.

How did Max get her power? from Rachel who also had the power to rewind time. This explains both how Rachel was popular with everyone many of whom were the polar opposite of herself, and how to she managed to get herself close enough to the truth and get caught up in it.

When Rachel died her powers transferred to Max. Rachels soul lived on in the visual form of the Doe.

With that in mind, I would keep everything in episode 5 except for that nightmare/meltdown in Max's head leading up to the lighthouse, which was/is entirely unnecessary.

On the Cliff of the lighthouse, Max & Chloe would have the same moral argument as before, convinced that the tornado is in response to altering time when Max saved Chloe.

Chloe would then throw down her open wallet with the picture of the butterfly visible for Max to make her choice.

You would be faced with the same two choices:
- Sacrifice Arcadia Bay
- Sacrifice Chloe

If you choose sacrifice Arcadia bay, Max will take the picture from the wallet and rip it in half. The town will be destroyed and Max & Chloe will leave together as they did before.

If you choose sacrifice Chloe, Max will take the picture from the wallet and -begin- to focus on it, before being brought back to the current day by the sight and sound of the doe (Rachel).

Instead of running away, the doe will approach Max & Chloe.
Holding Chloes hand, Max will reach out to stroke it.
...a moment of blinding white light later...

Max & Chloe are brought back to the Arcadia school corridor outside Mark Jeffersons classroom.
Out walks Rachel Amber.

After a moment of shock, any excitement is quickly dashed when Max & Chloe realise what they're seeing, as real as seems, is just a memory.. rachels memory.

They witness Rachel interacting and using her rewind powers with other students.
...the memory fades...

The next memory shows nostalgic moments of Rachel & Chloe at their junkyard clubhouse.
...the memory fades...

The next memory shows Rachel spying on Nathan & Mark Jefferson.
...the memory fades...

The next memory shows Rachel tied to the chair in the dark room.
Conversation between Rachel and Mark Jefferson similar to that of Max & Jefferson in the dark room.
...the memory fades...

The next memory shows Rachel tied and laid on the floor of the dark room.
Conversation between Rachel and Nathan Prescott, discussion about tornado that will destroy Arcadia Bay.
...the memory fades...

The next memory shows Rachel tied and laid on the floor of the dark room, motionless & dead.
Chloe is distraught. Out from behind her reaches Rachels hand placed on her shoulder to comfort Chloe. Though real, Rachel is transparent like her doe.

Conversation and reunion between transparent Rachel, Chloe & Max follows.
the conversation ends on rachels final words and ...the memory fades...

With all revealed, Max & Chloe return to the present day on the cliff of the lighthouse, the tornado still heading for Arcadia Nay.

The doe still there and with one last look at Chloe & Max, looks down and touches the photo of Rachel and Chloe (previously behind the butterfly photo) and with a flash of light is gone.

Max looks down at the photo of Rachel and Chloe and is able to focus on it.

...a moment of photo travelling later...

Max is Rachel in this memory and is able to use her cellphone to tell David Madsen about the dark room, Sean Prescott & Mark Jefferson.

...memories change...
Rachel didn't die at the hands of Nathan Prescott/Mark Jefferson.
Sean Prescott was therefore never able to fulfil his plan to have the tornado destroy Arcadia Bay.
All 3 are imprisoned & held responsibility for the murder of several blackwell students.
Rachel Amber transferring her soul to the photo in the alt universe is irreversible and she therefore dies in the present day.

Previous decisions are erased but Chloe & Arcadia Bay are saved and the tornado dealt with. What else matters? :P -- the end --

21st Oct 2015, 09:44
Not a fan of that ending either. Both endings lead to Chloe being alive so it's not really a choice at all.

Here's mine. Forgive any grammer/spelling and bad writing. It was something I quickly wrote.

Max wakes up in the dark room. Jefferson is taking pictures of her. She feels weak and her vision is blury, she passes out. Once she comes to she sees Jefferson on his computer at the back of the room. You see a metal trolley full of items.
You tap (A) and rip tape off one of your arms. You then pick which item to take. Knife. Bottle. Pen. Once you pick the item Jefferson approaches you and then you stab him with the item you choose.
Jefferson grabs Max around the throat and starts choking her. You manage to free an arm and grab one of the remaining two items on the trolley. You stab Jefferson once again and he lets go and stumbles pack. You rip the other piece of tape of your other arm and then free both your legs. You push Jefferson and he falls over a table.
You run towards the exit. You get to the exit then see Nathan. "Come with me" he says fearfully.
Max can choose to go with him or not. If you go with him you get in his car and he drives away. Nathan takes you back to your dorm. If not, you run back to your dorms and fall asleep. When you wake up the next day you hear a knocking on the door. It's the police they want to question you on the murder of Nathan. Once the questioning is done you continue. Whichever choice you make, you then use photos to travel to various places in the past. Then, finally return to the party with Warren and Chloe. You convince Chloe not to go after Nathan. You can even choose to team up with him.

You give the police all the information you have about Jefferson and the police storm the Dark room. But Jefferson had gotten rid of any evidence and claims he knows nothing of this place that Nathan's family own it. If Nathan has joined you he tells the police Jefferson used it and manages to find pictures proving it.

The police arrest Jefferson and he is in prison, if Nathan is not with you, then Jefferson is free. Either way Jefferson escapes Prison. You go back to the junkyard before the shooting and then shoot Jefferson before he kills Chloe. But then Chloe gets grabbed by another Jefferson and a 3rd grabs you.
"Wait, what is happening Max!" Chloe says shocked.
He must have used copies of his past self and brought them here. He has my power!" Max says fearfully.
A 4th and final Jefferson emerges from the shadows.
"Very clever Max. How did you think I got here so fast after the party?"
He turns to the two Jefferson's.
"Kill them!"
The two Jefferson's attack Max and Chloe. If you accepted Nathan's ride to the dorms he appears. If not only Warren. Now Warren attacks the Jefferson attacking Max and Nathan attack the Jefferson attacking Chloe.

Jefferson smirks.
"Well, well, well. Turning a new leaf Nathan? Oh and Warren, when did you become brave?"
"I am not your puppet anymore Jefferson." Nathan says angrily.

If Nathan is here, Chloe pulls out her pistol and shoots the copy Jefferson he is attacking. If Nathan doesn't appear here then Max shoots that Jefferson. The last copy Jefferson then gets shot and the real Jefferson runs. Max chases after him and after a brief chase corners Jefferson.
"Max, wait...
"Choices "No!""What?""**** you!" "Nothing you can say can save you.
Kill Jefferson
Arrest Jefferson.

The hurricane disappears. Jefferson having multiple versions of himself caused the hurricane to appear and now Jefferson is either dead and/or his copies are dead. The timeline is fixed. The sun appears and birds are singing. Chloe and Max stand near the bench overlooking the sea."You did it Max" Chloe says smiling.
"No, we did it".
Credits begin rolling.

21st Oct 2015, 11:51
In episode 5, Maxine never make it to the bathroom, and Nathan killed Choe without any interruption. Problem solved, game is over. That could saved us a lot of trouble.