View Full Version : My thoughts on Episode 5; The finale. (and spoilers!)

20th Oct 2015, 23:29
Hey all.

It's time to start spilling my guts on this on.

First thing I wasn't really surprised when waking up in the Dark Room, however there where somethings that really surprised me.
1st thing being the further character development regarding Mr. Jefferson. I found it very interesting to see more into his character, personality and motives. This would the most cleverly written protagonist I have encountered in my 25 years of gaming.

2nd thing would be David and his very inter personal dialog regarding Chloe,Joyce, how he regards his family and how the war changed him. I wasn't surprised that he killed Mr. Jefferson after learning of Chloe's fate and his reaction afterwards.

I have little to say about the track to the Two Whales diner given it's linearity.
One thing I found of interest was the choice to choose between kissing,hugging or something else Warren, I chose to kiss him, because of my investment and immersion I felt a lot of gratitude towards Warren so it felt the right thing to do. I was also impressed the dialog between Warren and Max, they briefly bring up the fact that Warren loves her and accepts she does not love him.

Now for the good stuff.

I found the conversation with Chloe's out side the Vortex part pretty emotional if you discuss your past experience with Chloe and what Mr. Jefferson did to you. I found this some impressive writing and shows a different side to Chloe and Max.

I also found it interesting when you track back through the nightmare was kind cool.

I was quite spooked with all the birds hammering the on the window and Max wondering why no-one taking note of it. After I get up I noted there was a pool of blood where Kate was sitting and a threat from Mr. Jefferson and then some getting walking around the dorm for a while, took some time to find the right doors, and have an interesting discussion with Kate witch end in a statement about her not getting to heaven.

I found it very cool when you are walking through all the frozen moments in time with Chloe and ending up in the Show Globe.

Regarding the end of the game, I made the decision to reject Chloe's request to die. Again I found this part very well written and Chloe made a very good point on the fact everything would be right is she would die in the bathroom and other people where more deserving to live than her. It took me about 10 seconds of staring at the screen with my hands covering half of my face, I have a lot of personal reason for choosing that choice (I made a post that tackles that a bit). I found it quite awesome everything is running backwards on the way to the bathroom and Max crying at the end.

I found Chloe's funeral quite beautiful and the song very fitting. I found it quite neat that Frank and his dog showed up.

I was very pleased with this conclusion of this Episode, even though it was a emotional roller coaster. I don't see it as a the end of the story as some people, nor does the lack of info in Rachel bother me and some other thing not mentioned. I find the focus on Max and Chloe did a lot of good for the story.

I do have some understanding on what it takes to make a game, I would rather have a good section on Max and Chloe rather than widening the focus to include more characters and having everything else less, or having more dialog written and having to til xmas for the finale.

I am not sure I will playing through this game again, I would like to keep my memories with this one as they are.

I would like Dontnod and all the people that worked or where involved with this piece of art (Game if you like) for making this beauty. I hope to see more for you in the future.

Edit : I loved the voice casting in the game.

P.S. I know there where some sections I didn't commend on.