View Full Version : Change Properties to Mysterious Weapon

20th Oct 2015, 21:46
I got the Mysterious Weapon I always wanted. It has also the Flame Visual FX on it which I also wanted. But its properties are lame and would like to change it. I have some questions to make

You choose each property to recharge which means you can keep the other ?

I need 4k gold to change both?

Is Fire Visual FX gone if I reforge it ???

20th Oct 2015, 22:40
You only get to choose one property to reforge. After that, the one you reforged is the only one you can reforge in the future. The other one, the original non-reforged property, is permanently locked.

Maybe a suggestion that can come of this is to allow the daily roulette to have an item that allows a reroll of a locked property.

21st Oct 2015, 03:20
Will I lose the Visual FX?

21st Oct 2015, 05:02

21st Oct 2015, 11:56
One last thing. Is the position of the property any matter?
For example if I'll change the 2nd property will I get only 2nd property reroll or it doesn't matter at all?

21st Oct 2015, 19:21
No, they're independent of the slot but you can't have the same property twice.