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20th Oct 2015, 16:22
Well I feel like I lost a limb... Life is strange is one of the best game of all time, Both Ending is great in their ways
I chosed to save chloe, just suck arcadia bay lol... and syd matters obstacle is pretty great fit for the ending.But I hope there will be no more episode or if there will be Life is strange 2 Then with other characters I just don't want to see the game is ruined by seasons and sequels.I really liked Mr Jefferson.. :) I mean really liked episode 1 start when we was in the class and mr Jefferson is talked wow like a real school,real teacher... would have been good to see more study with mr Jefferson class then, later jefferson to be announced as an "antagonist"

The thing I didn't liked in this game to force things/ or plot stupidity like:
to be good or friend with Warren, Why the hell Nathan call max confession about everything? How the hell is max have drive licence or how she can even drive a car? we still don't know anything about how max get the power. I

If I wanna rank the episode it would be:

20th Oct 2015, 23:09
How the hell is max have drive licence or how she can even drive a car?

She's 18.

Plenty of people who are 18 have drivers' licenses.

20th Oct 2015, 23:13
If Nathan didn't call Max to explain. That would be just ONE MORE of the what feels like 10 million things that never get explained or even some sort of understanding about. It's now entirely clear Jefferson played him by exploiting the father figure route. That....was actually nicely wrapped up. Unlike every single other aspect of this story.

Rank all tied except for ep5. It gets last place every time.