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20th Oct 2015, 14:33
(A/N: I have NOT played the episode myself yet. I got a little too impatient and spoiled myself by watching Mari (GeekRemix) playing it. I didn't watch the ENTIRE video, but I ended up catching the stream at the end so I know what's going to happen. I will edit this as soon as I'm able to download/play episode 5 to expand on my thoughts/reaction).

Since Episode 1, we all knew it would come down to this. We all saw the "stubble" signs that we were going to have to make the ultimate choice.


It may be because I didn't know the characters as long as the rest of you all, but I was numb watching the end. [That might change when I play it]. I knew it was going to come down to it. Saving Chloe or saving Arcadia Bay. We all have predicted at one point in time that Chloe was going to have to die in order to prevent the storm. WELL FORGET YOU ARCADIA BAY! I WANT MY CHLOE PRICE!. Doesn't mean that I'm 100 % okay with it, but I've already read a story where there was death to a certain character, so I was able to prepare myself for the end. And trust me when I say that. I wasn't able to really think/breathe (not literally)/move/emote after I read Allegiant (Yes. I'm a Divergent Fan. SUE ME! :tongue2:).

Nathan Prescott. I would give everything I have in order to save the poor guy. He was being manipulated by a psychopath. "Father-son" relationship. WHATEVER JEFFERSON! YOU FREAKIN MANIUPLATED A PERSON THAT 1) HAS EVIDENCE OF A MENTAL DISORDER 2) WAS ON MEDS IN ORDER TO CONTROL HIMSELF. YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF NATHAN AND I HOPE YOU ROT IN PRISON FOR ALL THE SICK THINGS THAT YOU'VE DONE!

When it was posted on YT (at midnight my time), I tried to watch it from the beginning. However, I stopped after 1 1/2 hours because I couldn't handle watching it all. I knew that I had to play it for myself in order for me to actually process everything. (But trust me, I will more likely make the same choices that Mari made). I was also becoming emotionally wrecked and it was almost 1 in the morning and I had to get some sleep before my exam today.

I would like to say Thank You to Scott Blows, the team at DontNod, the person who originally made up the idea for this game, the LiS community, and...last but not least...to all of you posters on here. These last few months have been the greatest of my gaming life and I can't wait to see what Dontnod comes up next. Hopefully, we will all see each other again and get to make up more theories on Dontnod's future games. (Crossing fingers for Season 2. I don't really mind if it's new characters. Also, I want to read the short stories they have planned).

[Thoughts after playing Polarized].

I just have one thing to say.


That is all. I am a mess of feels right now. Not as strong as when I finis reading books, but sort of the same. #UnpopularOpinion I actually loved how LiS ended. It gives us more opportunities to think about what actually happened afterwards. I know people hate that not all their questions were answered (and we have more questions now than before), but that's my favorite part of stories. Not all of your questions will always be answered. It's up for interpretation of what happens afterwards.

9/10 (The nightmare sequence was longer than necessary).