View Full Version : Episode 5 Ending glitch

20th Oct 2015, 13:37
In the final sequence after the big decision there is a graphics glitch blurring out the bottom 1 cm of the screen.
The game is played in resolution 2560x1440 on PC. The issue doesn't seem to occur anywhere outside the final sequence and regardless the final choice.

Photo of the issue: http://www.mikania.pl/lis.jpg

DxDiag: http://www.mikania.pl/DxDiag.txt

22nd Oct 2015, 09:08
Thanks Mike,

I'll get this to the teams to take a look at

22nd Oct 2015, 14:07
Oh boy.. I know. Even in 1080p 1920x1080 it does that. It's an issue with the pre-rendered cutscenes. Which takes hours to render out!
It's with all episode's ending cutscenes. That's why I wish they weren't pre-rendered in the first place. But then again, they wouldn't look that nice, and they'd have a loading screen.