View Full Version : Trophys not popping when taking all photos when offline

19th Oct 2015, 14:25
I didn't realise I was offline when playing. I completed three chapters of collecting all photos but the trophies for collecting all photos didn't pop.

I have connected online, resynced trophies, rebuilt the ps4 database and reinstalled the game, and deleted saved game and started a new game but nothing has worked :(

20th Oct 2015, 15:01
Any ideas? I have all the individual photo trophies but the collect all chapter trophies didn't pop for chapter 1,2 and 3 when I collected the last collect able in each chapter :(

22nd Oct 2015, 09:07
Hi Ressetta,

I will look into this and see if we can find a fix. Have you tried contacting Sony technical support also?

Many thanks