View Full Version : Episode 5 full trailer reactions/theories/everything in between

19th Oct 2015, 13:22
The trailer is finally out! and right at the beginning when Max said she feels she was into some kind of a nightmare, I'm guessing that she's thinking without realizing that she knows that this events happened before she just don't know when, that's where I'm thinking that it happened at the start of the game when Max wakes up into the class, but me I'm guessing that it was not true, It's Max rewinding the time all the way at that point, my proof to it(sort of) is the scene at 1:34 where Max is staring at her room wall with the pictures and with her nose bleeding, remember guys when Max woke up at episode 1 she had that picture of her looking at the pictures on her wall already, but it was only being shown here in episode 5(it was one of the 3 pictures for Polarized in the game menu) that's why i thought that's what happen, because we know that when she rewind time all of the items that she had will remain to her even after the rewind happened(like what happen in Frank's keys) So this is what I think as of now. Let me know guys if you agree or not

19th Oct 2015, 13:59
I think Max was referring to her life a dream, a nightmare, witch I would understand if she rewinded back from the time Chloe died and she got caught by Mr. Jefferson. I got a gut feeling she might try to stop Jefferson and save as many from him as possible at the cost of her own life. One of the other theories mentioned in the last couple of weeks are just as plausible I assume. :)

19th Oct 2015, 14:16
That's what I'm thinking as well, she knows that she changed a lot of destiny with her powers, who knows maybe she realizes that the original timeline is much better than changing what really supposed to happen. Example Chloe dead in the bathroom, Kate died(assuming you didn't rescue her) and other things that Max altered in the first few episodes of the game

19th Oct 2015, 19:58
I'm curious about the brief scene we see with Max on the plane.

19th Oct 2015, 20:26
I can relate that to some extent, there are quite a bit of choices I might change or people I would try to safe (yes people die), I have spent many hours thinking about if I would have the power to go back and change something and at the end of all that thinking I decided I would not do that for the "simple" reason that I would change everything and possible make things worse in the long run. There where also personal reasons for that decision, I had to move on at some point. I wonder if Max will go though similar things in episode 5, and I wonder more about Chloe will react to all this (given she lives) when it all is over. I could mention the grandfather paradox as well, but I think that would be a bit redundant given that the knowledge of the future event is still inside Max's head.