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19th Oct 2015, 04:24
So came here to complain about Bulwark, did. Now I am going to make a few suggestion for whip, because it needs it.

First order of business yes I am aware whip was overpowered. Now it is objectively bad. I have heard people talk about hitting multiple vampires with whip making it balanced, but ask your self how often will that occur. The answer is almost never. It deals 200 while poison bola deals barely 40 less at 160. Both bolas stop vampire's climbing and disable them, whip pulls them off so they can attack you or climb right back up. Whipping a vamp off a wall is significantly less intuitive than aim and toss, and with wall climbing perks, may as well be impossible. A damage buff would make it unfair, as would a range buff. So here are a few suggestions, some independent of the others as they would not work together, others to make it a well rounded weapon. Where as I love whip and it has some effectiveness against minions, it is not good enough to justify over the other two. For minions explosives are just as good, and do not have to be aimed as well.

Here is some perspective on how bad it is compared to the other classes skills. Throw Knives throws 3 knives dealing a total of 270, can be deployed very quickly, stagger, and can hit multiple enemies. Hex Shot disables all of vampires abilities and can not be gotten rid of with defensive abilities. Shield Bash is quicker, hits multiple, has a smaller cool down, is easier to aim, deals 50 more damage at 250, can be quickly recharged with block, and has a similar if not shorter recovery time. Light bomb deals 300 damage and has range. All the other classes probably sit around laughing about the Hunters whip in private. So I believe it's time to fix that.

Give it knockdown.(Would negate the necessity of the next)

Knockdown would allow you to stop a diving Sentinel with the right timing, to stop a jumping Reaver, and stop a large number of skills within a very short distance. The pull out time of the whip would negate it being a second bulwark, and would give a vampire enough time to move out of the way. However to counterbalance the potential against minions, make it not knock them down.(Hey a new way to spot through illusions.)

A large amount of added utility.

The idea behind this particular buff is to make a fleeing vampire, or one that tries to poke and run, an easy target for a observant Hunter.

Make it stagger jumping Reavers.
Make it negate flying sentinels but not ground them.
Amplified impact damage from fall.
Slightly better vertical range.
When a vampire is pulled off a wall have it break their claws with the following de-buff:

Attack speed reduced by 10%
Damage reduced by 20%
Unable to climb for 5 seconds.

Also I think I'm in love, this forum allows me to indent!

19th Oct 2015, 14:05
+1 on a buff for whip,


tbh i think the ideas you mentioned are pretty rough.
I think there are enough possibilites to stop sentinels / reavers already.

Knock down is a pretty good ability, imo it's even better than hex shot or bola because you can totally focus a vamp (and if four players do that at the same moment you always end up dead). that being said i think only a few classes should really have the ability to knock vamps down.

The thing about the illusions is nice but if you're honest you know what is an illusion and what's the real player usually. So it's not a real advantage after all.

Unable to climb for 5sec
5 sec? :lol: way too much.

While I like the suggestions to improve whip to put it on the same lvl with the other skills I think adding new abbilities might be not the right way to go. Maybe they should just slightly improve the damage.

Tbh hunter is a strong class already and I think it's better to improve other classes. Vanguard was super useless, now with the op bulwark it's maybe superior but at least worth playing again :D

20th Oct 2015, 01:05
Whip already stops pounce, dunno about the abduct though...

Personally i think the only buff whip needs is making it faster, and giving it more range vertically.
I almost never get a vampire that is climbing up the walls...he's too high. So bola is better in this situation...making whip less desirable...

20th Oct 2015, 01:18
Sure, I'd like a whip buff. I'd like it to go back to the casting speed it had but add a twist to it. If a hunter whips the back of a vampire on the ground, the vampire is lassoed for 3 seconds and the hunter has to hold him. Hunter can't do anything during this time but cancel the lasso. Offers something similar to Dominate Mind at short range but deals 200 damage instantly. Or maybe chokes the vampire for 250 over the 3 seconds? That's my suggestion.

22nd Oct 2015, 02:48
I have hit Reavers while they were mid pounce and had no result, knives and hexshot both stop them. Whip seems to only stop them if they're charging, which is just the stun. Also bolas are incredibly easy to aim with additional range that the whip couldn't have fairly, which makes it worse for that purpose.

23rd Oct 2015, 07:28
Whip swing is too long. At the distance where you can use it, vampire is already punding you, and at the distance you have full swing, vampire don`t recive damage- out of range. I use whip because i like it- i can save people that got punced, or get myself in a brawl with ghouls, or Turelim- i always find this funny how they stand there for 3-4 seconds completly suprised that i don`t run or dodge, and try to bayonett them in to oblivion.
Had the same thing in "Alien vs Predator 3" when i played marine- every of my teammates and opponents could recognize me instantly, because i was only one marine who bothered to block and counter in close combat. Thats why they`d always jumped me in pairs
But that is beside the point. Whip is very fun weapon to play with- gives a chance in close combat. Hunter as it is- should be mid range specialist- something in between Scout(sniper) and alchemist(heavy damage at short range)but he ain`t. Most crossbows have enough bolts to almost mortaly wound vampire from greater distance, but not enough damage and/or stun ability at close range. Either improve aim(no perk, natural ability), or give crossbows slightly bigger dispersion but more damage. As it is, most of the times hunter fights at the same distance that alchemist(close spaces between bulidings) where he is at disadvantage. Proof- in Freeport or Provance, where i can aim at vampires that are more than 20 meter away- most of them gives me wide berth, because i cannot hit them realy good from afar. Any other map- i end up in close combat, where vanguard and alchemist thrive, but hunter dosen`t
If whip knocked opponents back or made them fall on thier back- would be far better. Would give this guys, like me :), that punce or charge from "point blank range" something to think about before trying to close in mindlessly