View Full Version : Zip Liner

28th Jun 2002, 19:57
Is it possible to be able to use it? :confused:

28th Jun 2002, 20:28
I don't think so

The Sage Of Time
28th Jun 2002, 20:38
No it's not, although I recently had an idea about it..
I doubt it would work properly but i'll be looking into it either way.

Just Because
28th Jun 2002, 20:43
Never say never, I remeber when we said animations were inpossible, now look at us.

The Sage Of Time
28th Jun 2002, 20:49
True, very true. I'll see if my idea works when I remake my TR3 House WAD.
I figure there is a small chance it would, but i'm not going to get my hopes up on it.
Even still, if we one day manage to get the source code things like this wont be a problem.

28th Jun 2002, 21:52
Well couldn't you make it like a door animation or something. We make the zip liner a "door" and change the animation for lara to grab it slide down, but i guess she wouldn't move though, it would be like a stationary animation.

Dan the Jazzman
29th Jun 2002, 09:19
The strange thing is that she already has the animations for a zip slide thing. I don't know why though, maybe they couldn't be bothered to delete it or something. Still, without the object I don't know how we could use them...

29th Jun 2002, 19:16
The animation exists, but you can't use it. Core once made the lara animations and they only added new ones, they never removed old ones.