View Full Version : WTF is up with ranked matchmaking after silver 1

18th Oct 2015, 18:58
So i've been getting a LOT of bad matches after silver 1 and not just now, last season, getting from gold v to iv was a pain, just recently i lost 5 matches in a row and only one of those was a fair loss where it was close and we all did your best. I'm getting teammates with a score of 1/8 and 3 assists almost every match. I've gotten people who don't heal even after fights, people who to refuse to regroup and just start going in alone, i get teammates who just run ahead and die less than a minute after start, jesterday i got a guy who did nothing nut curse and complain the whole match TWICE IN A ROW and today I GOT IN A MATCH THAT WAS 3v4 from the start. I talked to a friend and he also keeps getting stupid loses because of teammates who should probably be in the <10 matchmaking. Matches were just fine until i hit silver v, then it started going badly, the same as last season.

18th Oct 2015, 19:06
Well...I lost lots of matches when people refuse to change alchi/ vg class vs 2-3 sentinel. They can't hit anything, but they keep taking same class again and again.
Also as you said games with really awful players happen too. Right now in my team was player who did only 2k damage as vampire for whole round...And 3k for humans(when others did 8-12k).

Current MM is absolute failure, but devs don't want to change it because:
1. Waiting time
2. They want to give a chance to everyone, so no level restrictions for ranked games which is super stupid.