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17th Oct 2015, 11:45
Bug description
The game load fine and I can even press continue button after that. But when the play game button appear, I press it and the game will freeze and then crash. I have tried buying some staff or some drill or whatever it is that decrease my coaching funds but the problem still there. I have tried restart my phone, clear the cache, or try not to play the game for a few hours but the problems still occurs. One thing that weird is the limit time keep decreasing from the first time I encountered this problem until now. At first, I stuck on 2026 and then 2024, 2022, and now 2021. I have a feeling the next time I do reset again, I will stuck on 2020 or 2019.

Steps taken to reproduce bug
At first the game will crash when I click Continue/Play Game button but when I close the game and start again it works fine for around one or two months in game. But after a few times (maybe around 8-10 times), it won't do anymore. Even if I restart the game, when I clicked Continue/Play Game button it would only result in crash.

What team you are currently managing
Real Madrid

The current in game date
April 26th, 2021

Device you are playing on
Samsung Grand Duos I

OS you are playing on

OS Version currently installed on your device
Android 4.2.2

At first I will gladly reset my carreer just so I could play more of this game but this time I have enough reseting my carreer because I need to rebuild everything again from zero esp young player. Some young player will not have the same attribute when I reset my carreer. For the first time I played, I found young player (18 years old) but have rating 95 with highly attribute on his main position. I have even better young player on my current game. His rating already reach 94 even he is only 16 years old and he has a high attribute for his position (I have even tried to play him a few times and he never finish any games he played without any goal and assist. Such a great player, right???) . And I couldn't enjoy to play this kind of player anymore because of this problem???hell no I've enough. And you know what? This crash problem always appear whenever I've found this beautiful young player. This is already the forth times it happen to me. I'm tired and I'm annoyed with this. I don't want to reset and start from zero for this problem anymore. I will gladly accept and method (without using titanium backup whatsoever. I don't like it because I need to root my phone and I don't want to do it) to transfer my game data (manager rating, facilities, staff, trophies and everything that I've get this far) to other device OR maybe you guys could fix it? if either one of them could happen I think I will stop play this wonderful game.

20th Oct 2015, 16:02
Hi Kuranasa - welcome to the forums and thanks for the extensive information. I'll message you privately so we can sort your case out in particular.

This might be device related as I think the Grand Duos might be in the same family as the Galaxy Ace which I know had some issues.

20th Oct 2015, 16:49
so how could I solve it??after a while I won't mind to reset again but it couldn't be like this forever right??it wasted away my time everytime I reset my carreer
and one more thing. I don't know how to sent message privately. I didn't see any button that tell me "this is the message button"

20th Oct 2015, 17:00
there's no private message button

21st Oct 2015, 12:09
You can message people by clicking on their name here by their posts and selecting private message. Alternatively, if you go to your inbox, you can create a new message if you know the recipients name. I'll respond to your PM now!