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31st May 2012, 12:00
I've been reading Soul Eater Not! serialized in the Yen Plus online magazine. It is a cool spin off, so I'm wondering if SEM is going to publish the online volumes. The Yen + chapters are only available for 2 months before they expire. I am pretty sure Yen Press will publish the paperback GN pretty soon if they haven't announced it yet.

1st Jun 2012, 16:07
There's a topic for the spinoff but not for the main title? This will be fixed, now.

I have the Japanese volumes of the manga, numbers 1-8 and 10-13, as well as the anime DVDs. Ohkubo's art style is a bit psychotic at times but it's a really entertaining series all around.

1st Jun 2012, 16:27
Ohkubo's art has definitely improved since the beginning of the series, but it's still his unique style. The series hasn't been nearly as funny lately as it once was, but the action is still great.

2nd Jun 2012, 11:20
publications.na.square-enix.com/na/us/st... (http://publications.na.square-enix.com/na/us/static/soul-eater-not-201202/index)

4th Jun 2012, 08:45
Thanks for posting that link, R.A.P. the Admin. More people should be aware of this series and why it is important in these times of manga localization. Soul Eater Not! is one of the first if not only title that I'm aware of that is being simultaneously released (legally) here in North America online. The success of this series will help the effort for other manga series to be released in the same manner. I know Viz Media, who happen to publish a few Square Enix titles such as Fullmetal Alchemist and O-parts Hunter, are currently making Jump titles available two weeks after they come out in Japan. I want to believe that Soul Eater Not! had some influence in this decision. Every fan Ohkubo sensei, Soul Eater and shonen manga in general should reading Soul Eater Not!. Help this 'groundbreaking' series shatter every intangible barrier and defeat those pesky restrictions such as time restraints and funding that are keeping our eyes and hearts away from great manga that we love and need.

17th Jun 2012, 21:56
Actually those manga are pretty easy to draw, even for beginners. But I finished the anime series and I liked it

22nd Jun 2012, 22:19
I hated the ending/last episode of the Anime. Not going to spoil it but it definitely strays from the manga.

27th Jun 2012, 23:39
One thing I've noticed about the cover art of this series is that the artwork style starts off quite orderly in looks but as the series is progressing, the style is becoming more chaotic. Need to get caught up with the volumes but really enjoying the manga. Saw the anime before I started the manga I agree with some of the others on here about the ending. Considering how the middle part of the story was well thought out the ending seemed...rushed. Having said that, in a similar fashion to the original FMA anime, there were very few of the Soul Eater manga out at the time that the anime ceased production. Initially, I had heard something about either a continuation or a second Soul Eater anime series...but for whatever reason it got shelved. Hopefully it gets picked up again!

29th Jun 2012, 00:14
Speaking of Soul Eater not having a lot of merchandise in the Merch. forum, I just got something...evil all the way from Japan today. Really....evil.

I got an Excalibur phone strap!! And a Shinigami-sama mini mask! Excalibur is all squishy! Score!!!!!!!!!

*Yuki's Play Arts run to the other side of the room in bitter fear...*

29th Jun 2012, 01:28
Now I'm going to have that evil song stuck in my head. I *still* haven't finished watching the anime, though I read the English volume 9 that came out recently. I'm not going to have much luck finding the tankoubon now unless I search online for it, since the import bookstore in the nearby city has closed last week.

17th Jul 2012, 23:12
Japan gets all the cool stuff:

Tonight, I come across something really cool, Soul Eater related. Seems that SE released something called the Gangan Art Collection....this looks like an art print and is a larger specially framed version of some of the artwork from the Soul Eater Soul Art book. No barcode...promo item, maybe? Was out of my price range sadly as I have a One Piece pre-order coming off this week. T_T

Giving SE an 8 for presentation on this item!

20th Jul 2012, 23:30
I hated the ending/last episode of the Anime. Not going to spoil it but it definitely strays from the manga.

This. Soul Eater's anime was sooooo underwhelming. I wish it followed the manga a bit longer instead of it getting to that whack ending.

29th Jul 2012, 14:59
Volume One of the manga is now available in stores! I took a glance through it (I'm horrible for tachiyomi, by the way) while at the local mall. Looks interesting but the cover is overly pink! I would be ashamed to buy it almost.

30th Jul 2012, 00:16
I hated the ending/last episode of the Anime. Not going to spoil it but it definitely strays from the manga.

This. Soul Eater's anime was sooooo underwhelming. I wish it followed the manga a bit longer instead of it getting to that whack ending.

Yeah, wasn't too fond of the anime either. Maybe they'll give it a remake treatment like they did with FullMetal Alchemist. Loving the manga, though.

30th Jul 2012, 07:48
Don't worry, everybody does that. At least it is better than being sprawled out reading manga all over the isles, using a stack of manga for a pillow. People would actually do this. You should be glad that you still have a place that sells books nearby, because the 200,000+ population city where I live is apparently illiterate and they won't buy books.

I think the pinkish color scheme is due to the fact that that the all the three main, and even the secondary and third tier charcaters are almost all young girls. I once thought that buying certain manga would seem weird to others, however I've only had positive experiences. Sometimes, the people behind the counter are into it to and we strike up some conversation. There's no shame in doing what we love.

14th Sep 2012, 22:29
Sounds like it'd be great right?! SO WHERE IS IT?! XD

Ok, so over the past couple of years, the Anime style fighting games are really hitting in America ( obviously have been in Japan ) So what I'm wondering, is why hasn't SE released a 2d high speed fighter for Soul Eater? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, a couple of examples are any Blazblue game, Persona 4 Arena, or even Skull Girls. I would play a Soul Eater fighting game until my thumbs bled if it was the same level of skill required and speed of BB or P4A. BUMP if you want this!

23rd Sep 2012, 20:01
To my knowledge, NONE of the Soul Eater games have made it to NA...which is a shame. I figured at least Monotone Princess would have been brought over here. Looks like if ya want something, gotta import it yourself. (Which is what I had to do with the Black Rock Shooter psp game...) >_>

23rd Sep 2012, 20:44
Things are better left alone.

25th Sep 2012, 00:19
Things are better left alone.

Perhaps....but this does raise a larger complaint: that there has been little to no merchandise/game support for this series. Those that have been released are few in number. A somewhat comprehensive list:myfigurecollection.net/search.php?root=-... (http://myfigurecollection.net/search.php?root=-1&categoryid=-1&origin=Soul+Eater&character=&manufacturer=&artist=&type=&material=&title=&version=&year=0&month=0&day=0&tags=&scale=&runid=-1&rating=0&addby=&isbn=&jan=&catalogid)=

In reality there isn't much...and none of the games made this list! The same could be said for Black Butler, however.

11th Feb 2013, 17:04
I need to know this, why did ragnorok shrink after the fight between crona and maka? I never got that

6th Jul 2013, 21:18
I need to know this, why did ragnorok shrink after the fight between crona and maka? I never got that

Because Shinigami took all of the souls that Crona and Ragnarok collected so he got weaker and smaller

14th Nov 2013, 19:17
Soul Eater Not!

Maka voice actress Omigawa confirms Soul Eater Not! anime adaptation (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-11-14/maka-voice-actress-omigawa-confirms-soul-eater-not-anime-adaptation)
(Anime News Network)
– important announcement for Soul Eater spin-off manga was hinted in Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine.

27th Dec 2013, 13:42
Merry Christmas (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-12-24/holiday-greetings-from-the-anime-world-part-1) from Soul Eater Not (http://cdn01.animenewsnetwork.com/images/cms/interest/68818/bbqj0tacqaevkuq.jpg)!
(Anime News Network)

6th Feb 2014, 13:08
Takahiro Sakurai, Mikako Komatsu join Soul Eater Not! anime's cast (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-02-06/takahiro-sakurai-mikako-komatsu-joinsoul-eater-not-anime-cast)
(Anime News Network)
― cast from original Soul Eater anime also return for April anime.

15th Feb 2014, 18:48
Happy Valentine's Day from Soul Eater Not! (http://cdn01.animenewsnetwork.com/images/cms/interest/71074/soulnot.png)
(Anime News Network)

8th Apr 2014, 11:51
Funimation to Stream Soul Eater Not! (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-04-07/funimation-to-stream-soul-eater-not-and-riddle-story-of-devil)
(Anime News Network)
― North American anime distributor Funimation announced on Monday that Soul Eater Not! will join its streaming lineup for the 2014 spring season.

12th Apr 2014, 17:06
Soul Eater Not! manga will end in 5th volume (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-04-11/soul-eater-not-manga-will-end-in-5th-volume)
(Anime News Network)
― the end of the fourth compiled volume of Atsushi Ohkubo's Soul Eater Not! manga announced on Saturday that the fifth volume will be the last.