View Full Version : Audio humming

16th Oct 2015, 14:51

I have never noticed this until now. Sometimes, when I launch the game, it begins humming and it doesn't stop. Only when the game is loading, humming is interrupted but it starts again then. I really don't know what it might be, no other game does this.

20th Oct 2015, 22:18
I have audio problems, I don't have humming but in ep5 I cant voices are really low like almost imposable to hear what anyone is saying. Looked at settings and all ok also tried reinstall and restart xbox. Seems like they had these issues before :(

So disappointed I cant play was looking forward to coming home and playing :(

22nd Oct 2015, 09:06

Could you please let me know what systems you are playing on?

Once I have this info I can advise on next steps.

Thank you