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28th Jun 2002, 18:02
I want to be thee 2nd.....to start a new thread on this new board. Fancy ain't it? My..my...my........I think I am gonna like this new place. :)

Soooooo, does ANYTHING go now for this community chat thang?
aaaaaahhh.......lessie.......been itching lately? Anyone has any suggestion???? Hahaha....:p sex, drugs, and rock and roll,
This is gonna be fun.:cool:

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 18:08
Hi BrokenArts I'm gonna reply just to get off 1 post :rolleyes: :D

Grey Mouser
28th Jun 2002, 18:11
(points up at "The Rules")

This is a forum for nearly all manner of semi-, nearly-, and almost- but-not-quite-Thief related OT.

Basically, just remember that kids really do stumble in to the forums sometimes and that we need to be mostly "PG-13". The general feel of the Thief OT from the old boards is welcome here, fun and games are good...but lets not become like the Something Awful forums, right?

Taff away...

28th Jun 2002, 18:16
OOOOHhhhh GM.......I am giddy......you know me better than that.
You get off Thorin on your posts??? Oh wait.....I know what you mean.....:cool:

28th Jun 2002, 18:18
Originally posted by Grey Mouser
Something Awful forums

Hey, waitaminute...We don't have awful forums around here. :D

Hey, BA.

28th Jun 2002, 18:23
GM how could you even say that!!!! We have good forums and good people......:)
Hey xcom! Whats shaking.....:D

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 18:46
Heck B.A. I've gotta catch up to you on my post counts to get rid of the noobie. I bet you'll have 100 posts by tonight :D

Whatz His Name
28th Jun 2002, 18:59
ahhhhhhh.... My first post.

28th Jun 2002, 19:02
Here's something to think about....

We have more posts than ricknmel and clayman!! :p :D

28th Jun 2002, 19:07
LOL...:D but not for long, or you blackjack them... :p
Hey, how will become a Member at first? I was so near to get this Newbie off.....:p

28th Jun 2002, 19:16
OOOH POST.......POST.........POST.........POST......get this newbie smell off of me.......I will be a FULL BLOWN MEMBER shortly enough......watch out Rick! :p ;)

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 19:18
I bet RNM is still asleep :D Oh well he'll soon catch up.


Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 19:20
What ONLY 7 posts. How many before it says member? 31?

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 19:21

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 19:22

Oops forgot about Report this thread link:(

Whatz His Name
28th Jun 2002, 19:24



<small> test</small>


Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 19:34
1, 2

1, 2 Testing.

28th Jun 2002, 19:39
Go, Thorin, Go!!

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 19:45
Thorins little dwarven fingers start to blister with all this typing :D

28th Jun 2002, 21:48
<marquee scroll amount=10 direction=right behavior=alternate><font size=6 color=blue>Can we still scroll? </font></marquee>

I take that as a YES!:D

28th Jun 2002, 21:52
I am gonna scroll, swing, *hick*, and ahhhh where was I? Oh yeah, and swing so more......wheres that drink of mine. :D
Man dig this place.

<marquee scroll amount=8 direction=down behavior=alternate><marquee scroll amount=8 direction=right behavior=alternate><font size=4 color=blue>EEEEeeeee HAAAAAAAA!!!!</font></marquee></marquee>

Thorin Oakenshield
28th Jun 2002, 23:09
:rolleyes: :D

28th Jun 2002, 23:12
Right behind you Thorin......I shall be a member by tonight!! Whew.....man all this swinging too. WHOOPSSS!!! Something fell out there....:o :rolleyes: :D

Whatz His Name
28th Jun 2002, 23:18
Only the best brews are served around here.


28th Jun 2002, 23:21
OOOOOH Whatz His Name.....WHAT is THAT!!! what are you offering me there aye? ;)

3rd Mar 2003, 02:58
This is in memory of Clayman, Clayman?? This ones for you.

*BRNPR* For those of you that are not familiar with Claymans wit. He would go to the very last post on the forum. I did here, and low and behold, what do I see!!!!!!!

Been a long time since we had a party. ;) :p Let's go folks. I am raring to go tonight. Heh.

Oh for those that want to know what hell I just said. Bump for No Praticular Reason. :D

Munin the Raven
3rd Mar 2003, 03:23
What, like this?

Lights pants on fire.

Wait, I burn! Ahhhhhhhh!:o

Runs around engulfed in flames, screaming.

3rd Mar 2003, 03:25
What are you guys talking about? And what do you mean by something awful forum??? Did I miss something?

3rd Mar 2003, 03:27
weee!!! what's up bahieds....? anything goes? Absolutely .....anything? ah well time to refill ma schmirrrrnofs....:D

cheers broken arts ....yer a barry hen!

3rd Mar 2003, 03:49
Originally posted by Caradavin1
What are you guys talking about? And what do you mean by something awful forum??? Did I miss something?

now you got me confused, what are YOU talking about? :confused: :p

Hey tavi? I be a barry hen? Splain that one. pass me that drink will ya?

3rd Mar 2003, 03:51
translation galswegian to english.....yer awright and slainte' ....cheers! btw its tatum from ttlg.....hya

3rd Mar 2003, 03:52
Wow...this one brings back memories...

3rd Mar 2003, 05:30
Bravus pops in to explain everything to everyone. (Yes, as a matter of fact I *am* that boring git who explains stuff to you in great detail while you're at a party!)

The Something Awful forums are part of the somethingawful.com web site. It's motto is 'the internet makes you stupid'. It has some occasionally very funny, often quite lame, and invariably offensive comic rantings, and while I do enjoy Something Awful, many of you won't, and we definitely don't want this forum to emulate it in any way at all!

And apropos of the title of the thread, my favourite philosopher of science, Paul Feyerabend, had an approach to the philosophy of science that was technically described as 'epistemological anarchy', but generally described as ... 'anything goes'! That is, no theory we create is powerful enough to describe all the ways that science really progresses, so we might as well give up theorising. It's a refreshing perspective, and he's a very funny writer.


3rd Mar 2003, 05:31
*gasp* Maybe the internet does make people stupid. *searches for dead brain cells* oh, maybe college did it :D

3rd Mar 2003, 16:09
Ooooh what a tangled web I weave. :o No no, this forum is not the awful forum. I guess it's right, the net does make ya stupid.:p

And tatum, nice to see ya :D

4th Mar 2003, 01:16
littlek pops in for a quick mug of monkey member.

Hey, this is like old times. Where has everyone been?

Anyone going to put out Munin?

that makes 307 posts for me....

Shadow Creepr
4th Mar 2003, 02:58
Shadow Creepr to the rescue!

*Hoses down Munin to put out the flames then hands him a towel.*

Sooooo...anything goes, eh? Let me see what I can get into. > : )

Only 161 posts for me.

Munin the Raven
4th Mar 2003, 04:02

4th Mar 2003, 07:02
Old dogs can learn new tricks - just not well :rolleyes:




Too much brew for me...

Counting my other persona, this is number 168 for me

4th Mar 2003, 15:47
looks around......:o <small>723 for me</small> god tBM's right, I do have a blabbermouth:( Oh well someone has to do it. :p

Whatz His Name
4th Mar 2003, 16:00
Originally posted by BrokenArts
... I do have a blabbermouth...

No comment. :D