View Full Version : Crash after Continue button

16th Oct 2015, 06:11
Bug description
The game load like awlays , but when i try to continue. Loading screan apear but its not spining and after few sec crash...
i tryed few things nothing happen, login with fb logout ... buying some staff, nothing helped...

Steps taken to reproduce bug
But before the game freeze at 25 Dec 2020 it crashed few times after 1-2 matches , somethime crashes after the final wistle , somethime when i click continue after final wistle. this happen 4-5 time, and then 25 Dec 2020 and im stuck there

What team you are currently managing
Braintree ( i choose it couse its weakest team in game, with lowest quality players ( 30-35) and before crashes i was 70 quality in championship

The current in game date
25 Dec 2020

Device you are playing on
Sony Xperia J

OS you are playing on

OS Version currently installed on your device
Example: Android 4.1.2

I dont want to start again from zero , i will if there is Bulgarian teams and i will start with them but till that time i dont want to lose everything ...

16th Oct 2015, 10:14
Hi D3v1lman - really sorry to hear this happened and thanks a lot for the detailed information. I'll private message you now so we can get you set up again and will also pass on this information to our quality assurance team so they can see if they can reproduce it.