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6th Jun 2002, 21:46
From the caption to the left of this forum, we are allowed to talk about teddies..:)

I guess we need Catman here for that, he is an authority on the subject of Ted. E.Bear..... http://www1.iastate.edu/~wsthune/images/teddance.gif

9th Jun 2002, 00:20


22nd Jun 2002, 18:09
Testing, eh? I guess it worked! :D

22nd Jun 2002, 23:03
Ha Ha ,Xcom, I was testing my new pic dump. :D

And yes, it does work. ;)

28th Jun 2002, 21:50
Why is there no1 here yet? :(

29th Jun 2002, 00:11
Maggie Maggie Maggie!


29th Jun 2002, 09:15

Isn’t talking about teddies a violation of rule number one??? :D

... Additionally, sexually suggestive discussions are not acceptable to our community.

29th Jun 2002, 10:54
Hiya guys, good to see you both made it across safely :D

29th Jun 2002, 19:15
Hi everyone! I just popped in to say hello!


29th Jun 2002, 19:26
Hi Rose, Welcome to our new establishment, feel free to kick your shoes off and have a good ol' natter....

BUT, Please, make sure you clean up before you leave. :p :D

29th Jun 2002, 23:52
Originally posted by Runtime - Isn’t talking about teddies a violation of rule number one??? :D I am confused. What has teddy bears got to do with Rule 1?

30th Jun 2002, 00:04
I think it is supposed to be a joke, but who knows what goes on in Runtime's head. ;)

30th Jun 2002, 00:06
Hi Maggie. Just thought I'd drop by to see how things are going.

How are the monkeys these days?

30th Jun 2002, 11:43
Hi Staticon, it sure is good to see you over here, you are very welcome to pop in for a natter, when you are in the area.:)

Ah..the monkeys..since watching the movie MIB(men in black) they have really changed, here is a photo of them...


:D :rolleyes:

1st Jul 2002, 17:47
Thats amazing. Maybe they are in need of some discipline?


1st Jul 2002, 20:28
LOL Staticon, poor little monkey. ;)

Nah, I could never hurt my little critters.:eek:

4th Jul 2002, 22:19
Maybe you're right. Still, they do look good in black suits. :D

Goku Noble Warrior
9th Jul 2002, 22:31
Monkies rock ,any of you ever seen the "Monkey Movies" the superstation did between movies they played? It was really funny, they were short 1-3 minute clips where they used monkey actors to spoof movies.

16th Jul 2002, 20:19
I never saw the "Monkey Movies" but I was a long time fan of the PG Tips tea commercials which used monkeys to advertise their product.
My favourites were the piano shifters, the Tour de France one and the rather excellent James Bond spoof where the monkey dodged several bad guys and explosions, then gets together with the lady monkey and says - "The name's Bond. Brooke Bond"

Hilarious. :D

16th Jul 2002, 20:27
I love all monkey movies, I am well and truly a monkey fan.:D

I loved those Brooke Bond tea ads, many years ago, did you ever see them staticon?;)
Wow am I showing my age or what!!:)

16th Jul 2002, 20:50
Oh yes! I saw them all from 1960 to 2002. They have only just stopped using them but the best ones were all in the seventies.
So, you think you are showing your age. What have I just done? :D

17th Jul 2002, 02:45
Maggie, do you like Homer Simpson? He is a big fan of monkeys and loves watching monkey movies too.

17th Jul 2002, 02:59
as mentioned in planet of the apes... Apes aren't monkeys.. They're gorillas.. (monkeys have tails, gorillas don't).

Refering to the episode where homer goes crazy over pota movies.

26th Jul 2002, 23:30
I love that Simpsons episode where Homer is watching a movie which features a monkey as President. :D

27th Jul 2002, 21:05
i don't recall that one... then again.. they're been soo many episodes...

what else happens in that episode?

27th Jul 2002, 22:17
Yes Ice I do like Homer!:D

Staticon, I loved that episode...really good.;)

27th Jul 2002, 23:22
Originally posted by mrdefender
.....what else happens in that episode?

To tell the truth, I can't remember. DOH! :rolleyes:

All I can recall is the monkey leaping over the desk in the oval office onto the shoulders of some military general and slapping him on the head while screeching a lot.

It was hilarious. :D Do you remember what else was in that episode, Maggie?
I am buying the series on DVD but have not got to that one yet.

28th Jul 2002, 06:56
hmm... still dunno.. :(