View Full Version : Playing all episodes up to Finale

14th Oct 2015, 21:52
A simple concept. Starting tomorrow (Friday, AEST), I'll play the first episode for Life Is Strange. The day after that, the next episode and so on until Polarised releases on Tuesday. It fits within the timeline of the game and the time is more easily managed if I did marathon with one directly after the other.

So who else will be doing this or something similar in preparation for the finale's release.

15th Oct 2015, 03:10
I thought I was the only one who had that plan in mind. Guess not. :D Good luck to you, mate. ;)

15th Oct 2015, 10:06
It's not guaranteed that I will have 3-4 hours for playing every day and want to have only my playthrough in mind, so I won't, but I will play Dark Room again (making my original choices of course). My head is so full of theories about what will happen in Polarized...

18th Oct 2015, 09:13
Less than 29 hours (assuming midnight release local time) and one more episode to play and I still have the feeling that I'm not ready for the revelations and "feels" of Episode 5.