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14th Oct 2015, 19:48
Hey everyone, new to the forums here but not new to the game! I have a few ideas and thoughts that I can finally share with everyone.

As some of you were mentioning the theory about Chloe needing to die. I believe that is 100% the case. So we know at the beginning of episode one that Max wakes up from her "nightmare" in Jefferson's classroom and feels the urge to go splash water in her face and try to calm down. Here's where my theory comes in. What if the week already happened? Let's say Max lived out a week of normal life without realizing she had the power to rewind time and change destiny. What if Max's powers weren't awakened until the storm hit on Friday evening? What if Chloe wasn't the reason Max discovered her powers? In the beginning of episode one it's obviously Friday the 11th. Max has somehow woken up in the forest by the lighthouse. Seeing that a storm is coming she decides to head to shelter in the lighthouse. As she reaches the lighthouse it begins to crumble from being struck with random objects such as the boat due to the extreme wind. Suddenly the top of the lighthouse comes crashing down and she wakes up in Jefferson's class and that was the first time she used her power. Max has a panic attack not understanding what the heck just happened, basically rushes off to the restroom and finds Chloe getting shot by Nathan. She holds out her hand and suddenly she's back in the classroom. In my opinion since it seems in a previous timeline leading up to the storm, that Max didn't save Chloe from getting shot by Nathan, but because she got freaked over her "nightmare" she rushed to the restroom and that basically caused her to realize she was able to rewind time.

Two days ago my niece decided that she wanted to play episode 3. She loaded up the game, chose a new save file and began episode 3. Here are a few things that were supposed to happen. 1. You weren't supposed to save Kate. 2. Lisa the plant was supposed to die. 3. You weren't supposed to help Alyssa. 4. You helped Chloe when David accused her of smoking pot. Those are the four things I remember clearly about my niece's play through of episode 3. It was interesting to see what would happen just playing the individual episodes and not load a save file from the previous episodes.

14th Oct 2015, 20:14
Cool theory, but I am afraid it's not true. I think that when you load the episode individually, random choices will happen for you since it doesn't know how you would react.