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12th Jun 2012, 12:25
any chance we r going to see this great game ported to android? since iphone already has it

13th Jun 2012, 19:02
Take a look at this thread (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139231/29175089/Petition_to_localize_Square_Enix_Android_games_in_North_America.) I made in general discussion. This hasn't happened with FF III only; help us get noticed!

28th Jun 2012, 13:27
My friend, you're in luck: Final Fantasy III was released on Android today! Here's the link: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co... (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFIII_GP)

Thanks Squeenix!

5th Jul 2012, 03:50
New illustration: www.square-enix.co.jp/ff3/campaign/camp2... (http://www.square-enix.co.jp/ff3/campaign/camp2.html)

7th Jul 2012, 22:16
i love the game. thanks for bringing it to android. my concern with it is that there was no explanation of the update to the app that came ou recently. please ensure to let us know what was updated.

15th Oct 2012, 08:28
First time posting. =)
I bought the game but can't play. I keep getting the message "Connection lost. Try again?" and when I click yes it goes back to this message. I'm connected with wi fi all the time, can't figure out what it is. Has anyone had the same problem?

25th Oct 2012, 03:54
I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Google phone. Bought the game just 10 min ago.. please get this fixed asap!

EDIT: ... reinstalled and it worked, shame on me! Though there seems to be something wrong with the installation because the first time it just keept on "going" after it said that it had installed. I had to restart my phone for it to stop. So if that's what happened to you, reinstall and check that it does it properly.

EDIT2: Btw, it's freaking awesome!

25th Oct 2012, 05:36
Thank you Rojstedt! I contacted the support but it seems that it is another problem with my device. I uninstalled and even reset the device but I get the same problem. I think I'll keep on trying. Can't wait to play! Happy you like it! hehehe =)

12th Nov 2013, 15:18
bought the title yesterday on the google app store for my samsung galaxy tab 2. been playing for hours now but still very early in the game, mostly grinding hoping that autobattle would show up after a few levelups. i am up to four characters and about to go into the cave above castle whatchamacallit and its very tedious to have to tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap when all im doing is standard attack every time

looked and looked and looked in the app, cant find auto battle. looked and looked and looked on the internet and all i can find are references to a great new auto battle feature, but no confirmation that its supposed to be on this Android platform

please for the love of all thats holy, tell me that auto battle is hidden or that it appears later in the game somehow

if not, pls tell me how to get a refund cuz there is no way in double toothpicks im tapping myself numb for the next thirty plus hours

13th Nov 2013, 12:36
The only version of Final Fantasy III that has auto-battle is the PSP one.

18th Nov 2013, 12:49
I am not very sure how will the experience will be on mobile but I definitely enjoy it on my PSP. Its a good experience. Try it.