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18th Nov 2014, 02:15
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

- Set for a winter release (http://gamestalk.net/ffbe/). (Games Talk)
- Final Fantasy’s Next Smartphone Game (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/17/final-fantasys-next-smartphone-game-development-brave-frontier-makers/) Is In Development With Brave Frontier Makers. (Siliconera)
- Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Looks Like Brave Frontier, With More Focus On Story (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/19/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-looks-like-brave-frontier-focus-story/). (Siliconera)
- Artwork and screenshots (http://www.4gamer.net/games/281/G028198/20141118068/). (4Gamer)
- Official website (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/FFBE/).

25th Nov 2014, 17:30
Jump Festa 2015 (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/jf15/)

Square Enix announces Jump Festa 2015 lineup (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2014/11/square-enix-announces-jump-festa-2015-lineup/). (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix has revealed their Jump Festa 2015 lineup, which will be shown off at the event on December 20th and December 21st (http://www.finalfantasy.net/vii/final-fantasy-jump-festa-2015/). (Final Fantasy Network)

27th Nov 2014, 14:32

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Shows Vivi, Cecil And Others In Pixel Art Style (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/26/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-shows-vivi-cecil-others-pixel-art-style/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix recently announced a new Final Fantasy smartphone title that they’re developing with Brave Frontier makers, A-Lim.

26th Aug 2015, 23:54
Android Beta Test

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’ Beta Test For Android Starts Today (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/08/26/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-beta-test-for-android-starts-today/) (Siliconera)
- Brave Frontier makers are working on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for smartphone. Its Android beta starts today in Japan, and only a limited number of people will get access.

16th Sep 2015, 08:55
Trailer, Pre-Registration Open

First trailer (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2015/09/first-trailer-for-final-fantasy-brave-exvius-released/) for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius released (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix is also accepting pre-registrations for the game here now (https://form3.square-enix.com/a.p/452/)

19th Oct 2015, 09:46
Release Date

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius To Launch In Japan On October 22 (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/19/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-to-launch-in-japan-on-october-22/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy: Brave Excvius, their smartphone game by Brave Frontier makers, is launching in Japan on October 22, and there will also be a Magitek Armor-riding Terra Branford.

30th Nov 2015, 14:11
Event - Jump Festa (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/jf16/)

Square Enix reveals line-up for Jump Festa 2016 (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2015/11/square-enix-line-up-for-jump-festa-2016/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix has put up their line-up of content coming to Japan's Jump Festa 2016 event.

12th Jan 2016, 20:32
5 Million Downloads

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Celebrates 5 Million Downloads With New Characters (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/01/12/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-celebrates-5-million-downloads-new-characters/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix announced today that their smartphone RPG Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has surpassed 5 million total downloads since its release in October 22, 2015.

10th May 2016, 06:17

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius coming west (http://gematsu.com/2016/05/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-coming-west) (Gematsu)
- An English version of the game’s official site (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/05/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-heads-west/) has gone live where users can pre-register for the upcoming iOS and Android title (https://www.finalfantasyexvius.com/register/index.html). (Nova Crystallis)

13th May 2016, 07:45
I'm playing the English version already :D

16th May 2016, 11:22

We spend an hour with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/05/heres-the-hour-with-square-enixs-new-smartphone-title-final-fantasy-brave-exvius/), Square Enix’s new smartphone RPG (Nova Crystallis)
- In the video, we take a spin through the first hour of the game, which includes the introduction and tutorial.

16th May 2016, 15:33

After drawing in over 6 million players in Japan, FF Brave Exvius will launch on iOS/Android this summer in EU/NA (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/732194123105472512)!
- Pre-register FF Brave Exvius (https://www.finalfantasyexvius.com/register/) to receive special in-game items at launch!

26th May 2016, 17:31
Event - E3 (http://www.e3expo.com/url_takeover)

The Road To E3 2016 - Part 2 (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/road-e3-2016-part-2)
- In follow up to our Road to E3 Part 1 blog (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/road-e3-2016-part-1), we bring to you a second batch of Square Enix updates!

8th Jun 2016, 23:54
Event - E3 2016 (https://www.e3expo.com/)

- Square Enix Presents: E3 2016 Program Schedule (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/square-enix-presents-e3-2016-program-schedule)
- Be sure to mark your calendars for your favorite games and tune in to be the first to get the scoop during our show!

17th Jun 2016, 00:24
Event - E3 2016 (https://www.e3expo.com/)

"This new original FF game will be out soon so please look forward to it (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/743590783211671552)!" Hiroki Fujimoto, FF Brave Exvius Producer

24th Jun 2016, 13:25

A Major Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Announcement Will Be Made On June 27 (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/06/24/major-final-fantasy-brave-exvius-announcement-will-made-june-27/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix has a major announcement for their smartphone game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, with a new countdown site that ends on June 27, 2016, when we’ll get a special NicoNico Live stream event.

30th Jun 2016, 04:55
Available Worldwide

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is now available worldwide (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/748560077594853376)!
- Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r5_xwF-nm4)
- Experience the all new yet familiar adventure! Download now!
- Apple App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/app/final-fantasy-brave-exvius/id1078553808)
- Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFBEWW&hl=en)

3rd Jul 2016, 23:40
Event - Dragon Quest

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light Smartphone Games Begin Crossover Event (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2016-07-03/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-dragon-quest-monsters-super-light-smartphone-games-begin-crossover-event/.103818) (Anime News Network)
- After posting a countdown timer on the official website for smartphone game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Square Enix revealed a collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and another smartphone game, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light.

7th Jul 2016, 04:28
New Games We Love

Exciting news (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/750855050931515392)!
- We are part of the New Games We Love with App Store Games!

25th Jul 2016, 13:06
5 Million Downloads Outside Of Japan

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has been downloaded over 5 million times outside Japan (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/757561150145978368) since launch last month!
- To celebrate, we're giving all of our fans 5 rare Summon Tickets and 50 Metal Minituars! Enjoy & don't forget to follow @FFBE_EN (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/757561186695208960)
- Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius tops five million downloads worldwide (http://gematsu.com/2016/07/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-tops-five-million-downloads-worldwide) (Gematsu)

2nd Aug 2016, 07:59

Locke From Final Fantasy VI Added (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/08/01/locke-final-fantasy-vi-added-final-fantasy-brave-exvius/) To Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Siliconera)
- Increased summon rate for Locke, Hayate, and Artemios through August 5.

More heroes are arriving in Lapis (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/760660608404422657)!
- Warrior of Light, Lenna & Tellah are coming to your aid on 8/5 01:00 PDT.

4th Aug 2016, 14:15
Triple Triad

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Triple Triad cards (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/761105759014793217) are out on the FF Portal App!
- iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/app/final-fantasy-portal-app/id933149812?mt=8)
- Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.ffportal_w.googleplay)

14th Aug 2016, 10:04
Daily Giveaway Bonus

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Adds Daily Giveaway Bonus Until September 1 (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/08/13/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-adds-daily-giveaway-bonus-september-1/) (Siliocnera)
- The official Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Facebook page has reached their target of 100,000 likes.

19th Aug 2016, 22:40
Hello, Square-Enix. Let me start by saying I have played Final Fantasy games for roughly 20 years, watching my older brother play FFVI shortly before VII was first released. The series has consumed more of my time than any other video games, period. Recently I've begun playing several mobile games with the "Final Fantasy" title - first was Record Keeper, then Brave Exvius, and finally Mobius.

Brave Exvius has caught my attention the most, though Record Keeper was also a fun experience. However, your licensee - Gumi - has taken severe strides to deceive the games users and community.

First, there are the crudely overpriced and unnecessary bundles targeted at new and/or ignorant players. Currently, amidst the outrage of how poor the game's new summon banners are (more on that below), the "Gold Chest of Magi" was re-introduced. This is a USD$12.00 bundle of four items that are easily obtainable in-game by simply playing through the storyline and exploring the areas. It's design can only be considered "wool over the eyes" of new and unknowing players looking for an early leg up, and otherwise ignorant to the items inherent - and free - inclusion. I believe this bundle was available once before.

https://www.reddit.com/r/FFBraveExvius/comments/4yk5nj/while_everyone_is_distracted_by_the_banner_gumi/ (Here is this bundle's feedback from Reddit.)

Second, the summoning system for new units has become laughable, at best, in Brave Exvius. "Major drop rate boosts" can be translated as "+1%" at best. Currently, Zidane's likeness is being "boosted" and the facts simply show that this is hardly true. Players are drawing 50, 60, 80, 100, 200(!) times and leaving without Zidane, while he is being touted as a "Major drop rate boost." It has become such a joke that even the "whales" (people who gladly are pay-to-win, and will drop large amounts of cash on games such as Brave Exvius) are done opening their wallets. https://www.reddit.com/r/FFBraveExvius/comments/4yj28c/warning_its_not_a_very_good_idea_to_try_and_pull/ (Here is the current discussion regarding this "Zidane and FFIX" banner, and its results.)

Gumi, the licensed developer, was also in control of two games called Brave Frontier and Chain Chronicles. https://www.reddit.com/r/FFBraveExvius/comments/4yk41o/advice_from_an_ex_brave_frontier_player/ (Here, again from Reddit, is a former player of both game's thoughts on what he sees in Brave Exvius in comparison to those.) The alarming fact of the matter is Gumi has a proven history of not only lying to its games' players, but also insulting said players, silently rewriting away their fault, failing to listen to what their games need, and for all intents and purposes milking each title until the farm was so dry that the games were left in shambles. Even more alarming is their rather obvious intention to take YOUR most famous name, Final Fantasy, and turn a prestigious franchise into a cash cow. This type of game appeals to veterans of the series, people that have played Final Fantasy for years if not decades, and love the characters the met and traveled with along the way. That type of gamer, the Final Fantasy series's core, is who is being targeted by Gumi.

I do not know your level of insight into your licensed titles, nor would anyone from your mobile games' playerbases. There is, however, a great fear in watching a Final Fantasy title be ignorantly abused and trampled upon by a greedy developer, and at such a time as to coincide with the remake of FFVII and release of FFXV.

I believe, as do others, that it would behoove you, Square-Enix, to take an extremely close look at your licensed mobile games' developers, assuredly in the "Global" (anywhere but Japan) market. Do not allow such petty business practices to ruin an everlasting name. Please.

20th Aug 2016, 14:29

Amarant And Lani (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/08/19/amarant-lani-final-fantasy-ix-added-final-fantasy-brave-exvius/) From Final Fantasy IX Added To Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Siliconera)
- The latest Final Fantasy IX event adds Amarant and Lani, plus an increased drop rate for Kuja, Vivi, and Zidane.

26th Aug 2016, 05:25
PAX West 2016 (http://west.paxsite.com/)

Hands-on demos, previews and panels (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/pax-west-2016) are just a few of the exciting activities offered from SQUARE ENIX® during this year's PAX West, taking place from September 2-5.

31st Aug 2016, 09:58
Tokyo Game Show (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs16/lineup/)

Square Enix shares Tokyo Game Show 2016 lineup (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/08/square-enix-shares-tokyo-game-show-2016-lineup/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix has revealed their lineup for Tokyo Game Show this year with the opening of their official event page, set to take place from September 15 through September 18.

2nd Sep 2016, 16:14
PAX West 2016 (http://west.paxsite.com/)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is coming to PAX West (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/771624296154173441)! We'll be in Hall 4B, with Global Producer Fujimoto-san with special giveaways!

11th Sep 2016, 14:22

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Interview (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/11/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-interview-producer-discusses-potential-future-events-pvp-and-differences-between-regions/): Producer Talks Future Events, PvP, and Regional Differences (DualShockers)
- This past weekend, during PAX West 2016, DualShockers got the chance to sit down and speak with producer Hiroki Fujimoto about his latest game: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

12th Sep 2016, 09:36

Crystal Defenders Added (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/09/10/crystal-defenders-added-final-fantasy-brave-exvius/) To Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Siliconera)
- Fencer, Juggler, and Thief have been added as new allies with increased drop rates through September 16.

17th Sep 2016, 05:11
Tokyo Game Show (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs16/lineup/)

Square Enix Presents Live Stream (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGVsmIwCMh4) (September 17)

27th Sep 2016, 16:47

Lightning Arrives (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/09/26/lightning-arrives-final-fantasy-brave-exvius/) In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Siliconera)
- Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has arrived in the global version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

29th Sep 2016, 14:37
Out on the Amazon Appstore

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius out now on Amazon’s Appstore (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/09/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-now-amazons-appstore/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is out today for Fire tablets through the Amazon Appstore, Square Enix announced.

30th Sep 2016, 07:09
New York Comic Con 2016 (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/new-york-comic-con-2016)

Hands-on demos, previews and events are just a few of the exciting activities offered from SQUARE ENIX® (Booth #1805) during this year's New York Comic-con, taking place from October 6-9.
- Come join us at New York Comic Con 2016 (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/781634772976046080), play games, get prizes and maybe even win a Tomb Raider Jeep!

6th Oct 2016, 19:18
New York Comic Con 2016 (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/new-york-comic-con-2016)

Show us that you've downloaded Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and get a free t-shirt at New York Comic Con 2016 (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/784043805947428868)
- Stop by & say hi (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/784421366560854017) to the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius team is out at New York Comic Con 2016. Producer Hiroki Fujimoto is pretty easy to spot!
- Eagle News got the scoop on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/785173413551804420) from Producer, Hiroki Fujimoto! Available now on mobile device and tablets!

21st Oct 2016, 20:52
Halloween Event

Collect cotton candy and get prizes (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/789549498854801408) during the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween event!
- Special characters like Black Cat Lid too! Share your draw results~

26th Oct 2016, 23:23
Halloween Event

Spooktacular Challenge (https://www.facebook.com/notes/final-fantasy-brave-exvius/spooktacular-challenge/672114029617147)
- Every trick comes with a treat (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/790859009951621120)! Spread the word of our Halloween event & be rewarded!

2nd Nov 2016, 19:47
8 Million Downloads

Awesome gifts will be given throughout November for our 8 million downloads celebration (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/793727058673147904)!
- Check here (https://www.facebook.com/ffbeen/photos/a.591516477676903.1073741828.519831508178734/676973615797855/?type=3&theater)

5th Nov 2016, 00:26
Final Fantasy III Event

Final Fantasy III event starts TODAY (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/794686598407258112) in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!
- Check out the new Crystal Tower dungeon and get Lapis, weapons, and more!

8th Nov 2016, 08:02
Final Fantasy III

Explore the Crystal Tower with Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus in Final Fantasy Brabe Exvius and also in Final Fantasy III iOS
- 50% off until 11/17 (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/795789304974831616)!

11th Nov 2016, 03:14

Introducing the Arena (https://www.facebook.com/notes/final-fantasy-brave-exvius/introducing-the-arena/682204458608104)!
- Take your favorite party to war against your rivals and fight for great prizes!

12th Nov 2016, 14:48
Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier joins us (https://twitter.com/FFBE_EN/status/797016264023474176) for a very remarkable collaboration!
- For more details, please check here (http://pweb.bravefrontier.gumi.sg/FFBExBFCollaboration?lang=en)
- Final Fantasy Brave Exvius adds Brave Frontier crossover event, PvP mode and more (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/11/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-adds-brave-frontier-crossover-event-pvp-mode/) (Nova Crystallis)

26th Nov 2016, 20:40
Final Fantasy XV

Noctis makes an appearance (http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/420/1420638/) in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Dengeki)

5th Dec 2016, 19:26
Race to Rank 15

Level up to rank 15 and be rewarded for your effort.
- See the event details here (https://www.facebook.com/notes/final-fantasy-brave-exvius/race-to-rank-15/692786827549867)