View Full Version : When In 2015?

17th Nov 2014, 18:50
Okay, I think it would be a lot to ask for at this time to get an exact release date. I understand that we just got official word of the game itself being released sometime in the next year. However, is there some approximate window, like a month or a quarter in 2015? Is the intent for an early Spring release like Just Cause 2? Would it be late Summer or Fall, perhaps the 2015 Christmas shopping season?

Any ideas yet?

17th Nov 2014, 20:12
I've read that date is sometime in June 2015. The article cites Christofer Sundberg's lInkedIn profile.


17th Nov 2014, 20:54
Thanks, Bubo999! I hadn't seen that article. Man, I simply can't wait for this game. The only game title I am as excited about as I am with Just Cause is the next Saint's Row!

I used to be the biggest GTA fanboy on the planet, but since GTA IV and V, that franchise is dead to me.

31st Jan 2015, 09:10
Just bumping this to see if an actual release date and more info will be posted any time soon. Still chomping at the bit for this one! :)