View Full Version : Nosgoth - Class Warfare video: Hunter

17th Nov 2014, 17:39
Hey everyone!

As you will hopefully have seen, we kicked off a new video series for Nosgoth called Class Warfare, focusing on each class, the different abilities and skins available for it, and showing off some cool moves in the process.

Our second video is now out, and focuses on the Hunter:


Next up will be everyone's favourite human-bowling partner... the Tyrant!

18th Nov 2014, 09:37
Nice Video ! :D I love it ;)
I noticed just one little slip^^ At 1:10 instead of the Siege Bow, the Multi Bow icon is used ;)

Keep up the good work :) Love the Vids :D

18th Nov 2014, 13:20
Great video :thumb: - it made me play Hunter.

Really can't wait for Tyrant - I love him soooo much! :D