View Full Version : Unplayable Crashes

14th Oct 2015, 03:15
I'm in July 17 now and when I press continue it freezes for a few seconds then crashes back to home screen, I'm not restarting as its part of my forum career, I've never had any crashes in whole if CM....

Ulefone p6+
Android 4.2.2
2GB Ram
Quad core 1.5ghz

14th Oct 2015, 16:45
Thanks for the report Craig - What Year is that July 17?

Have you logged in to Facebook? Could you try unlinking your accounts to see if it changes anything?

14th Oct 2015, 19:20
Yeah its 22nd july 2017 and i have logged out of fb and still nothing it just doesn't want to process and just closes :(

20th Oct 2015, 16:27
Hey Craig, sorry about the delayed response. I've been going over what could be done with the team here as I know you definitely don't want to start over.

First up, could you confirm which team you're meant to face next? Please also try searching for that team and checking it out to see if anything happens when you try to access it's data.

It'd be good to know if the game crashes in any other areas as well. Please also post a screenshot of the screen just before the crash if possible.

Apart from that, I'll also PM you in a minute to see if we'd be able to get your save data sent over so our dev team can look at it and see if they can figure it out.

20th Oct 2015, 16:52
Thanks gd since then I waited a few days but ended up restarting which I didn't really want to do but I'm fine with it I'll post again if I get the same ptoblem , also I can't find the inbox I'm using my phone atm. Should I still send in my files etc.