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13th Oct 2015, 20:56
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Hello, I pre ordered a copy of dragon quest hero's for PS4 at oak court mall in Memphis,TN
4465 poplar ave 1 901 685 8787
my number is 1 901 590 0735
and Really need your help getting my banner, i ordered it just for the banner.. they said they never got word of getting any the website clearly says different says any order at pik up, i was there at opening, would get one..please help me contact the right person about this, game stop said to contact the supplier of game square enix
Thank you, animefan6690@gmail.com

14th Oct 2015, 00:45
when i log in to a save game i get the message unable to connect, please check your network settings. I would like to have all aspects of the game so can you please tell me what is wrong? I test my network settings in settings on ps4 and all is fine. thanks you.