View Full Version : Problem with ping

14th Nov 2014, 23:50
So i live in czech republic and even on europe servers i got ping of 120...i dont experience any extrem laggs but sometimes the movement of other players is little choppy,especialy rolls. What i dont get is that my friend that lives in town 3 km distant from mine has ping of 20. I just dont think that my internet connection is that bad to have ping like this...and i have never experienced problems in any games. So i would like to know if there is something that i could do to get better ping. Thank you for your help.

15th Nov 2014, 00:59
Hmm, that is unfortunate, I for once am getting lag spikes from time to time and it is my connection´s problem. Do you and your friend have the same isp and service? What is your download/upload speed?

15th Nov 2014, 04:45
Lots of thing to take into account when analysing ping. Router ports, services using bandwidth, multiple people using Internet in your household, your specific ISP and the type of arrangement you have with them, the list goes on. Issue might not even be related to ping for all we know, you could be losing packets which will make you desync.

This is something you'll probably have to figure out yourself, but there are lots of resources out there to help you narrow down what's causing you strife. You could also call your ISP (Internet Service Provider, in-case you weren't familiar with the acronym) and hash it out with them. After hours of tinkering with my settings, I realize my ISP had some sloppy settings of their own they had to fix.