View Full Version : Holding Alt to "look around."

14th Nov 2014, 18:34
This is actually a control that I wish all PC games had... and one that I was oblivious to before DayZ.

I think it would be really handy to have the Alt button wen held to make the angle and inclination of your aim freeze but your camera be free to look around, similar to when a human is using a stockpile or a vampire is feasting except that the camera would return to facing 'forward' when the button is released. This would be especially helpful when playing the Sentinal class as I feel it is a little clunky to look around while flying, but I feel this would be a boon for all classes.

I understand this may not be possible, but have put it here just to get it out there and perhaps start a discussion on the subject... for example... I have no idea how this would effect the controler, as I do not use one when playing Nosgoth.


17th Nov 2014, 17:15
I dont agree that this should be implemented at all.
I only see it being useful / balanced for the sentinal to look around while flying around to a certain degree. But humans growing eyes in the back of the head is a bit stupid and sometimes vampires need the directional facing of the humans to decide when and how to initiate. This is also quite apparent when dealing with scouts with charged bows so you dont get utterly destroyed by the OP Warbow all the time because you're not able to see where he's looking.

17th Nov 2014, 17:25
Free look has been brought up before, and I agree it should be implemented for Sentinel flight ... but I'm not convinced that all vampires should have it.

18th Nov 2014, 06:25
Free look would destroy vampires. You need to abuse limited field of view to start approaching, and that goes out the window if you can't tell if a human is looking at you.

With free look, it'll become meta to constantly face the direction you aren't actually looking at. Vampires won't know where they should approach a human from.