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14th Nov 2014, 15:46
I've decided to make a team, and will be recruiting.

Currently; the team is LudicSavant, rzl, Necrozuki, and I. But we are actively looking for one or two more skilled players.

Looking to play in the NA cups, so it would be nice if you live there.

Be nice, please
Available EVERY sunday

Requests, not required:
All classes unlocked
Good amount of game knowledge
One again, be nice.

Post down below and we can talk, either through steam or mumble.

Put some stuff about yourself, time played, favorite classes, etc.


15th Nov 2014, 04:26
Hey, I'd like to try out for your team! My name is autonoe
My humans classes: Hunter>scout=alch>>prophet
My vampire classes: sentinel=reaver>deceiver>>>>>>tyrant
I have 3 days 15:52:26 in game play time
I have 3186 damage per death total (including my bad classes)
I have over 1000 hours in tf2 which i have played competitively in the past
I'm a pretty chill guy
Add me on steam for more info: http://steamcommunity.com/id/autonoe

15th Nov 2014, 05:15
Hey! my name is Anthony, I'm 26 and I've been gaming for around 14+ years and have been very competitive/league play in the FPS/third person scene in the past. Looking to get back into competitive play it and you guys seem like you might be the right fit.
I have 2 days played, 2100 damage per death
10000+ hours in FPS/Third person shooters
My steam name is Levexaeus