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12th Nov 2014, 12:09
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Hi everyone, i open this new thread in order demand you if someone have the same problem me. I'm trying to pre order the collectr's edition of Kingdom hearts 2.5 hd Remix, but i cannot find in the store i start from this link


select one region ( UK, France, not appear, USA works)

than relink to the store but no collector's edition i found, only limited... why?? This should mean that have already finished?? and USA not?? and if i cannot select Italy for Collector's Edition, this mean that in Italy they don't sell, why???? I would buy It! how i can buy that collector's edition if i live in Italy????

24th Nov 2014, 11:37
Could someone answer me? i really would buy this collector's, but it is impossible, how i could, please help me, thanks very much :)

24th Nov 2014, 14:05
I usually get any collector's editions that I am unable to purchase directly from the site from eBay instead. You often have to pay a relatively hefty price though.

24th Nov 2014, 15:40
Thanks, so i think i should try look some offer on ebay amazon also... maybe after 5th December... there is no alternative? Do not open the pre order for new collector's??

4th Dec 2014, 17:10
I have been in love with kingdom hearts since the beginning of all of the games. i have played all of them and loved most of them. I just got 2.5 two days ago my problem is and i dont know if anyone else is too, but the cutscenes have no voices at all the only ones that did were when Roxas was dreaming of Sora after that no voices at all. I don't know exactly if that's supposed to happen or what. Someone please help me xD

5th Dec 2014, 01:42
I have the same problem... it suck...
Have you found any solution yet?

5th Dec 2014, 02:32
I called Gamestop where I preordered it and they said that they will swap CDs and see if that works. So i will post if it does hopefully its not every CD and thats how its made cause i love the Cutscenes

5th Dec 2014, 05:01
I don't think swaping cd's will work.
The japanese version ad problem too.
It's not only the KH2 version that ad that problem, On BBS you can hear the voices but the momment the music is too loud you can't afford to hear them only if you put the volume up a lot. :mad2: 50$ for this and i had too buy every concole it add been on XD.
I truly hope SE will fix this soon.

5th Dec 2014, 05:33
Well i did get another one and now i have voices in my cutscenes so maybe i got a corrupted disk? I don't know. But i did have to start over for them to work so im Happy. I can finally play the game and enjoy the cutscenes :)

5th Dec 2014, 20:05
Hey guys i solved it by reseting the audio settings on the ps3 through hdmi again. Seemed to fix it thank god

6th Dec 2014, 02:28
You should check your audio settings because mine are just fine.

6th Dec 2014, 03:00
Does anybody know where I can find the manual? The URL provided in the leaflet does not work at all. It just sends me to a blank page where it says, "Not Found."

14th Dec 2014, 05:00
So I realized too late that the limited edition of 2.5 remix wouldn't match my 1.5 remix limited edition so I decided to drop the 100 bucks on the collectors edition. However on release day they had sold out and I have been put on the waiting list since then. Is there any hope of getting more collectors editions out there or should I just buy the limited edition because I will be on the waiting list for eternity? I can hold out if there is hope of eventually getting one but I don't want to not buy it if I am essentially waiting for nothing.

22nd Dec 2014, 20:02
Hi guys.

1-Last friday, i bougth kingdom hearts 2.5 HD Final Mix for PS3. When i tried to play KH 2.5 i saw that the image of the game didnt take up all the space of the screen of my TV. I tried to change the resolution of the TV but i couldnt arrange it. If someone of you know how to arrange my problem ,please tell me. Thank you.

(2. KH is going to be only for PS4? It can have some posibility for be too for ps3?)

Thanks for all. (And sorry for my english, i'm learning it.)

6th Jan 2015, 02:03
I have an issue where I purchased the limited edition of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix and I did not get a code to register it to my account. On top of that, I lost ALL of my games that I had registered on the Old site are GONE and cannot be registered again, because the codes are the old style. T-T makes me sad.

26th Dec 2015, 04:46
At the beginning of the year, my boyfriend purchased Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for me. I am just now getting to where I want to register my game like I did with KH 1.5 but I don't have a code in my game anywhere. Does anyone know how I can go about registering my game on Square Enix?