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11th Nov 2014, 22:07
Hey all,

If you didn't catch Cat's blog on it (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/nosgoth-esl-beta-cup-series-has-started) earlier today, the ESL Beta Cup has begun.

Team Hubris won both the European and North American tournaments to start (congrats to them!) and we'll be anxious to see if they can defend their title this Sunday.

Speaking of which, after gathering all the community feedback regarding week 1, the previously "region free" tournaments will be region-locked from now on -- meaning that teams will only be able to participate in tournaments in their registered region.

For complete details on everything mentioned here and more, check out the link above.


12th Nov 2014, 09:43
Читайте русскую версию на сайте:
Read Russian version on website:

12th Nov 2014, 10:57
nice work garfild_ru :thumb: